Mac Setup For Development In 2022


The package manager for macOS, Homebrew will install everything you need on your system, it's similar to apt-get for linux users.

Applications to install

Github PR Template

A common issue with working in a team on a project is dealing with Pull Requests that don't have the required information to understand the reason why for the change.

Pull request reviews are common practice when working in a team of developers, but if people do not provide the right information on the pull request it can be difficult to review and approve these changes.

Flatten Nested Arrays With PHP

Here is a quick code snippet for flattening a multi-dimensional array using PHP.

This uses the function array_walk_recursive that applies a function to every element of an array. Using this function we can add the value to a new array and return that instance.

Create A Blog With NuxtJS

In this tutorial we're going to create a blog built with NuxtJS.

Create NuxtJS Application

The easiest way to create a NuxtJS application is by using the create-nuxt-app package. This can be installed by using the command.

Install Node With NVM

The NVM (Node Version Manager) is a script used for installing and managing Node. The macOS users can install NVM using the homebrew.

Reduce Nuxt Build Size

Recently I've created a NuxtJS application that will run in SSR mode, this is deployed to Cloud Run on GCP via a docker image.

What's New In PHP 8.1

On the 25th November 2021 the latest version of PHP was released PHP 8.1, let's have a look at some of the new features included in the release and how it can help you with your development.

Laravel Delete Model Not Found Jobs

In this post we're going to look into a little laravel feature that allows jobs to automatically be deleted if the models in the job doesn't exist.