Disable Vite During Testing in Laravel

I recently had a project where I wanted github actions to run the tests of a laravel project but i didn't want to install node and vite during the CI process.

When I ran the tests in Github Actions I got the following error

Spatie\LaravelIgnition\Exceptions\ViewException: Vite manifest not found at

I was getting this error because I didn't run npm i && npm run dev before running the tests but because I didn't install node I didn't want to have to run this.

To fix this you can tell your tests to ignore vite by adding the following to your base test case file.

namespace Tests;
use Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\TestCase as BaseTestCase;
abstract class TestCase extends BaseTestCase
    use CreatesApplication;
    protected function setUp(): void

This will tell your tests to ignore vite and you won't get the error anymore.


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