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I'm a full stack developer, specialise in PHP, Laravel, WordPress, VueJS located in Bristol, UK.

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Experienced software engineer with over 14 years experience in digital and web application development.

I enjoy taking on new challenges and solving business problems.

I strive to write testable, reusable, expandable, clean code, using an array of programming design patterns.

I’m a full-stack developer, comfortable with working on backend APIs as I am with frontend JavaScript.

I have lots of experience in leading teams, and projects and working with multiple business stakeholders.

Prince 2 Agile certified with a lot of experience working with agile development practices.

Previous experience working on high traffic applications taking advantage of scalable cloud based solutions using GCP Kubernetes and serverless platforms.

Key Skills:

  • PHP development - Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, PHPUnit, Mockery, TDD
  • JavaScript - VueJs, ReactJS, NuxtJS, Jest
  • Database - MySQL, NoSQL (CouchDB, Firebase), Redis, Elastic
  • CSS - Tailwinds, Bootstrap, SASS
  • Cloud platform - GCP, APIs, Pub/Sub, Kafka (Confluent), Architecture design, Terraform, Serverless (Cloud run)
  • Containers - Docker, Docker-compose, Kubernetes
  • CI/CD - Jenkins, Github Actions, Cloud build, Bitbucket pipelines
  • Google tag manager