About Me

I'm Paul, a freelance Full Stack Developer from Bristol, UK.

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What I do?

I'm a Full Stack Developer, specialise in PHP, Laravel, WordPress, VueJS and ReactJS.

An agile, delivery driven, lead developer. I enjoy taking on new challenges and solving business problems. I strive to write testable, reusable, expandable, clean code on all my projects, using an array of programming design patterns. I’m a full-stack developer, comfortable with working on backend APIs as I am with frontend Javascript. I have lots of experience leading teams and working with multiple businesses both small and large.

Skills include:

  • PHP development - Laravel, Symfony, PHPUnit, TDD
  • WordPress development - Specialise in plugin development
  • RESTful APIs
  • Frontend - SASS, PostCSS, TailwindsCSS Webpack, NPM
  • JavaScript - VueJS + Vuex, ReactJS, NuxtJS, Jest
  • Database - MySQL, PostgreSQL ElasticSearch, Redis
  • GIT
  • Cloud Infrastructure - GCP, APIs, Pub/Sub, Confluent (Kafka), Architecture design, Terraform
  • Containised - Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes
  • Continuous Integration - Github Actions, Jenkins

Available for new work, contact me on Linkedin