2024-03-10 #php

PHP Fetch All Files In A Directory

This is a PHP code snippet that will allow you to fetch all the files in a directory. This is useful if you want to loop through all the files in a directory and perform some action on them.

$dir = '/path/to/directory';
$files = scandir($dir);
$files = array_diff($files, array('.', '..'));

The problem with this code is that it doesn't work recursively. If you want to fetch all the files in a directory and its subdirectories, you can use the following code:

function getFiles(string $directory)
    $directoryIterator = new \RecursiveDirectoryIterator($directory);
    $iterator = new \RecursiveIteratorIterator($directoryIterator);

    $files = [];
    foreach ($iterator as $file) {
        if ($file->isFile()) {
            $files[] = $file->getPathname();

    return $files;

If you want to limit this to a specific file extension, the $file variable will have a method called getExtension() which you can use to filter the files.

function isMarkdownFile($file): bool
    return $file->getExtension() === 'md';
$files = array_filter($files, 'isMarkdownFile');

This will only return files with the .md extension. You can change this to any extension you want.