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Export Sequel Pro To Laravel Migrations

In a previous article I found this plugin for MySQL workbench that will allow you to export your database tables to Laravel migration files. I've recently found this project on github that will allow you to do the same thing with using Sequel Pro. This is a Github project that you can use to install an extension to Sequel pro and allow you to export the database table to Laravel Migration file. Sequel Pro Laravel Export There are two ways of working when building a database in your Laravel project, you can either build up the migration before you create the database or the most common way is creating the database first and then creating the migration file from the database table. I prefer to build the database first in a GUI like Sequel pro or MySQL workbench and then I used to manually create the migration file from the created database. Now I can build the database, keys and indexes in a GUI and hit the export button to generate the migration file. Sequel Pro Laravel Export

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