3 Websites To Track Your Social media Efforts

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Social Mention

Social Mention Social Media Alerts Like Google Alerts but for social media.

Receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, CEO, marketing campaign, or on a developing news story, a competitor, or the latest on a celebrity. Social Mention

Buffer App


Add Tweets to your Buffer and spread them out during the day. You setup what times of the day you tweet and buffer will tweet for you at this time. As you surf you can add sites to your buffer and they will be spread out throughout the day.

There is a free version which allows you to put 10 tweets in your buffer or you can go pro for $10 a month and you can add 50 tweets to your buffer. There is also a premium account for $30 a month which means you can have unlimited tweets in the buffer.

Sign up for a free account using the link below and we both will get to use an extra tweet in the buffer each day.

Buffer App



Hashtagify.me allows you to visually explore hashtags usage on Twitter

Search for an hashtag and you will see it displayed inside a red cirle. The more popular the hashtag is, the bigger the circle. You can also read a popularity rating, from 0 to 100: The most used hashtag on Twitter would get 100. The different typing variants will also be shown, and a sample of tweets using that hashtag will be displayed on the right.

Around the hashtag you searched you will also see its top related hashtags (up to 10) diplayed inside blue circles. The correlation is measured as the percentage of tweets using the searched hashtag which also use the related one. The stronger the correlation, the bigger the grey line that links them. You can also read the actual percentage by moving your mouse pointer over the related hashtag.

By clicking on a related hashtag (blue circle), it will become the selected one and its own related hashtags will be displayed. This way you can easily explore all the hashtag related to your interests, and find which ones are the most and least popular and most and least specific.


What Websites Do You Suggest?

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