4 Twitter Apps To Improve Your Twitter Experience

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Buffer Buffer is a web app which I have been using for some time now and I absolutely love it.

Such a simple idea but it solves a problem of how you use twitter. The problem with twitter is that you aren't directly sending messages to people, this means that you can just post anything at anytime for everyone to see. Some people abuse this situation and will post consistently just so they are always in your timeline. But there is nothing worse than some consistently in your timeline. It is one of the most annoying things about twitter...people tweeting too often. I normally unfollow someone if they tweet more than once an hour, it's just spam I have enough of that in my email. I try not to flood my followers timeline and only give out valuable links so hopefully people will continue to follow my tweets. But there are times when your surfing the web and find a couple of awesome websites you want to share, but you don't want to flood the timeline so what do you do?

You use buffer!

Never flood your followers again.

Add Tweets to your Buffer and spread them out during the day. You setup what times of the day you tweet and buffer will tweet for you at this time. As you surf you can add sites to your buffer and they will be spread out throughout the day.

There is a free version which allows you to put 10 tweets in your buffer or you can go pro for $10 a month and you can add 50 tweets to your buffer. There is also a premium account for $30 a month which means you can have unlimited tweets in the buffer.

Sign up for a free account using the link below and we both will get to use an extra tweet in the buffer each day.

Buffer App



Tweetdeck is now owned by Twitter and is an ideal application to use to manage your twitter account or all your other social media accounts.

Tweetdeck allows you to instantly see your timeline and communicate directly from the app.

You can create lists for searching and are able to all this on the page with multiple column layout.

Tweetdeck App



Tweroid is a nice app that will analysis the activity of your followers and let you know when are the best times to send your tweets to get the most impact.

Put this together with the buffer app and now your tweets can always have the maximum impact/




Twilert is a free Web app that enables you to receive regular email updates of tweets containing your brand, product, service or any keyword you like really!

Use this app in a similar way you will use Google alerts.


Can You Suggest Any Twitter Apps

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