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Top Web Building WordPress Alternatives

If you have ever explored the available web building options, then WordPress is definitely one of the platforms you’ve come across when performing your search. But if you need to launch a website in the shortest time possible and if you wish this website to be functional and visually appealing, it makes sense to use website builders. These systems have lots of benefits. The most important of them by advice include:

  • WYSIWYG Editor. WYSIWYG website builders are easy to use, because they make it possible to control each step of the web building process. What you need is to select a template and start customizing it by making use of the tools the system offers.
  • No Coding Skills Needed. You don’t need any coding skills and web design knowledge to build a decent site with a website builder. These systems come with intuitive dashboards, easily customizable templates and informative tutorials that simplify the web building process.
  • Hosting. Most website builders include hosting, which eliminates the need to look for other options. You just create a website and upload it to the hosting that corresponds to the terms of your plan. You can choose free or paid plans according to your needs and budget.

The variety of website builders is quite impressive nowadays and each of them comes with its own benefits. By Howard Steele’s recommendation we’ve chosen five services we consider the most successful nowadays. ## Site123

SITE123 is a cloud website builder, which offers extensive WYSIWYG editing options. The system implies the use of modules, which can be arranged and positioned according to the needs and objectives of a user. Recently, the developers of the system have introduced the advanced multilingual tool that has notably improved web creation experience. From now on, users can create as many language versions of their websites as needed to gain their objectives. All in all, building a website with SITE123 is convenient and simple for everyone. ## uKit

If you are looking for a nice web building tool to create a business website, you won't find a better solution than uKit. This cloud website builder has everything you need to reach the goal. It allows creating websites out of the blocks that are chosen randomly by a user with regard to business needs, objectives and niche specialization. uKit has an impressive selection of thematic templates. This enables users to save their precious time and effort when selecting the required template. Having chosen the one, you’ll need to explore the available web customization tools to create the design of your own. ## Ucraft

Ucraft is a SaaS website builder that comes with out-of-the-box functionality. You don’t have to look for the tools you need to give your website the desired look. The variety of options is provided by the system. Choose those of them you need to develop a decent website that will come up to your expectations. Ucraft has a pretty nice collection of responsive templates. It also offers an opportunity to make use of the multilingual application to create websites in different languages. This feature is a priority for many users nowadays, especially for those running business websites and aiming at their quick promotion. ## uCoz

Being a universal website builder, uCoz allows for the creation of different types of websites. It’s not complicated to explore its dashboard, so, you will be ready to start working on your own project in no time. uCoz has free and paid templates. Free templates are standard and don’t have mobile-responsive features. If you are looking for responsive templates, you’ll have to pay for them when using uCoz. Regardless of the template you will select, you will be able to customize it to your liking by making use of the tools the system offers. ## Mobirise

The major feature that distinguishes Mobirise from the rest of website builders discussed above is that this is the software that has to be downloaded and installed prior to being used. The system is block-based, which means that you can build a website of your own out of the blocks that come with the service. Mobirise has an appealing collection of responsive templates, each of which can be customized based on the needs of a user. What’s more, the system offers free hosting for those users, who give preference to standard features. ## Bottom Line

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS ever. Consequently, you’ll need to learn the basics of web design to develop large-scale projects with WP. In case you need to launch a simple, but functional website, then website builders are the best solution you can make. They can be used even by newbies and they always ensure great result you won't regret afterwards. - - - - - -

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