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Plugin Development

One of things that I've said about premium Wordpress themes before is the amount of features that are included in the theme options panel page. Most of these theme options have so many settings which aren't needed, or there is already a well known Wordpress plugin that performs this action.

The best example of this is SEO settings, there are premium Wordpress themes that allow you to put in SEO settings into your theme options panel. This is marketed at being a great feature of the theme as you don't need install a new Wordpress plugin to do this for you. But I feel this isn't a benefit to the theme and it's just added bloat to the theme that the user really shouldn't use.

I'm saying this because people should be using a Wordpress plugin to perform this functionality, mainly because if the user changes the theme then they have now lots all the SEO settings for their site. Other benefits is that these massive plugins are continuously being updated adding better functionality to your site.

I understand the benefit of having the SEO settings in the theme options panel as the user only has to go to one place to customise their whole site but I feel we as developers need to provide the best Wordpress experience to users. This includes using Wordpress best practises and separating functionality and styling. The reason to have functionality in a plugin is so that it will work exactly the same no matter what theme you are using.

An example is if you want to add Google analytics to your website, use a plugin so that if you change your theme you still have this functionality.

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