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Share Multisite Media Libraries

When you use WordPress multisite functionality you are creating a brand new site for each site in the network. This means that they will use different content, different menus and different widgets. They can re-use the same plugins and themes as each other but they are treated as completely different sites. While doing client work with WordPress multisite I've noticed that most sites want to kept separate but because they are site networks they might want to reuse media over the different sites. By default this is not possible on WordPress, when you go to the site media library you are only able to see the media for the current site. Using the WordPress plugin Network Shared Media you are able to have access to all the other media on your network sites. network-shared-media When this is installed you will now see a link for Network shared media at the top of your media library. Accessing the network shared media will allow you select any site in the network and choose any of these images to use on your current site. screenshot-3 The network shared media plugin is a plugin so you can get this for free for all your sites. Network Shared Media Plugin

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