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Real Time Google Analytics

Real time The most popular web analytics tool is most likely Google Analytics, this is because it's free and loads of in-built features which allow you to see exactly what your visitors are doing. But the problem with Google Analytics is that is not exactly real time you have a couple hours delay. A couple hours might not be much but what if you have just released a new product and sent an email out to your subscribers and want to see exactly how they behave when coming to your site. I have always used Google analytics on my websites but sometimes I run this in parallel with other analytic tools. The tool I use is a tool called Woopra, the reason why I would use this tool as well as Google is that it gives you real time analytics. Google have just announced that in the next couple of weeks you can use real time analytics within Google analytic tools. ## Why You Need Real Time Analytics?

The web is fast moving if you stay still you will be left behind. It's not just about having fast loading pages but also being able to change your website quickly. A couple of years ago it was fine to have a website and only add a new page whenever you have a new product to release but now new pages are added to a website almost everyday. With more and more websites using blogs it makes it easy to add a new page. If you have real time analytics then you are able to see the immediate impact of your pages as soon as they are published. ## Tracking Social Media

Real time analytics is also useful to use to track your social media efforts. If you post your link on twitter you are then able to switch to your reports to see in real time how people are using your website, then you can submit your page to another website and see the difference in the user activity. ## Promotion Tracking

The same with social media tracking you can do the same time with your other promotion tracking. Such as if you write a guest post for a popular blog you can expect this to bring in traffic. Using real time analytics you will be able to see the impact of this guest post as soon as it is published. ## Using Google Real Time Analytics

To use Google analytics you need to be on the new version of Google analytics. You can switch to the new version by clicking on the new version link in the top right. In the new version you can then access real time analytics in the dashboard tab. But Google have said that in the next couple of weeks when this is out of beta it will be moved to the home tab. To access real time you will have to wait for a couple of weeks. But if you can't wait then you can sign up for access to real time analytics.

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