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PHP Magic Method __toString()

During OOP in PHP you need to debug the class, you can use the var_dump method but this isn't so user friendly, so you need an alternative to the var_dump(); PHP have released some magic method which can now be part of any class. One that is very useful for debugging in the __toString() method. This method will tell the class how to act if the object is treated as a string. For example if you go.

echo $obj;

You would normally get a fatal E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR level error, but if the class has a __toString() method PHP will call this method.

class obj{

     private $a = 1;
     private $b = 2;
     private $c = 3;

     public function __toString(){

          return $this->a . " " . $this->b . " " . $this->$c;



Now when you try to echo the object you will get a different results.

echo $obj;

//returns 1 2 3 To find out more about the magic methods in PHP go to website.

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