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PHP Login Script

A PHP Login Script This is a Github project that will allow give 4 different ways of creating a PHP login script. Because a login script is a piece of functionality that you will need in most types of projects you can use this login script as a good boilerplate in your next project. This script uses the new PHP 5.5 password_verify() and password_hash() functions. A simple, secure, clean, stylish, non-nerdy, well documented, object-oriented, totally free and reduced to the max PHP login script. Uses the ultra-modern & future-proof PHP 5.5. BLOWFISH hashing/salting functions (includes the official PHP 5.3 & PHP 5.4 compatibility pack, which makes those functions available in those versions too). This strength of the encryption can be increased (and decreased) to stay secure, even if server technology (and hacker technology!) gets much much stronger. There are 4 different ways you can use this script: - One-File version. A full login system in one php file. Does not need a MySQL database, the script comes with a full power SQLite one-file database.

  • Extremely reduced (perfect for quickly setting up your project, made for people who need a simple login)
  • Advanced (much more features)
  • Full-MVC-framework (even more features and professional MVC-framework code structure)

PHP Login Script Github PHP Login Script

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