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paulund-logo If you follow Paulund on Facebook, Twitter or Google you would know about this new Logo for Paulund but I would to announce this new design for everyone.

The Logo Lab

Logo Lab

I was a approached last week by a Logo design company The Logo Lab who offered to create a new Logo for Paulund.

The Logo Lab is ran by Lucian Husac who is currently offering free logo design to help grow this new company. Lucian loves to design clean and minimalist logos and focuses on simple, creative designs.

The Logo Lab Portfolio

Paulund Logo

I am very happy with the logo produced by The Logo Lab, they created 2 logos for me which I will be using on as the new profile picture on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Here is the Logo created by The Logo Lab.


Do you want a new Logo for your website?

I would recommend contacting The Logo Lab to see if they can help.

The Logo Lab

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