CSS Rounded Corners

May 11

What? CSS allows you to add border to your elements but they are purely just straight lines and right angle corners, which doesn’t always look the best on websites so...


Endless Scroller jQuery Plugin Like Facebook

May 10

Create an endless scrolling page similiar to facebook and twitter feeds using a jQuery plugin. This plugin can be used for loading lots of data on the page, that can...


Background Colour Gradients in CSS

May 9

What? CSS allows you to create a background colour gradient on any element. Allowing the background colour to change colour from beginning of the element to the end. This increases...


CSS Button Generator

May 8

Introduction There are certain things which you do many times in web design and one of them is creating buttons for your pages. Before CSS3 to create a unique button...


Transparency using CSS3

May 1

What? Using a new feature with CSS you can set a transparency to any element on the your website. This can be a div or a paragraph, which can be...


Hide Header1 Text if using Logo Image

April 30

What? A website logo is normally an image made up to brand the company. But this is not the best way in terms of SEO as it will expect text....


Text Shadow in CSS3

April 27

What? Apply a shadow to any text in any direction using any color in pure CSS. Why? Before CSS3 the only way to add a shadow to text on a...


Decimal places in width using pixels

April 21

The other day I was designing a nice little tool which will drag and drop divs using the JQuery UI framework, the issue I was having was the difference in...


Force download of files in PHP

April 19

If you have files on your website that you want people to download you need to change the code to allow the browser to automatically download the file. This is...


Compress multiple CSS Files

April 17

If you are using multiple CSS files on a large website sometimes they can take along time to long the best way to deal with this is to compress the...