Add Google Analytics To Your WordPress Site

June 29

Google analytics is a functionality that you will need on almost all of the websites you create. It allows you to track all sorts of data about the visitors of...


Add Custom Favicon To Your WordPress Blog

June 27

A favicon (short for ‘favorites icon’), are little icons associated with a particular website shown next to the site’s name in the URL bar of most browsers. This will also...


Creating A Successful Coming Soon Page

June 26

What To Expect From A Coming Soon Page When you first purchase a domain for your next web project, most of the time you haven't created the web page so...


Enable Threaded Comments in WordPress

June 24

Threaded comments is a nice feature to highlight to your visitors the admin comments or reply comments this enables better readability of the comments section of your blog posts. There...


WordPress Change Excerpt Length

June 22

In WordPress you can apply a excerpt to blog posts to give a preview of the post which is most likely used on category or search pages. The default for...


Process Each Node Of XML In JQuery

June 20

JQuery is a very useful tool to use to loop through elements, this is because of the each function. It will loop through each of the elements it has in...


Force www With htaccess

June 17

For SEO it is important to use a set standard of how you present your domain. The most popular approach is to use the sub-domain www. Many people don't know...


How to Plan a New Website Project

June 11

Planning The Website When you come to create a website, planning is everything. You need to know everything about the websites before you have written a line of code. You...


25 Quick SEO Tips Every Website Should Follow

June 9

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is not a quick process or a guaranteed process and if anyone else tells you anything else they are lying. No Search Engine Optimization expert can guarantee you number position...


Giveaway 10 CSS Notification Boxes For Free

June 7

I have created 10 CSS notification boxes which you can use on any website in multiple situations. This download is similiar to a download you can get from Codecanyon for...