Decimal places in width using pixels

April 21

The other day I was designing a nice little tool which will drag and drop divs using the JQuery UI framework, the issue I was having was the difference in...


Force download of files in PHP

April 19

If you have files on your website that you want people to download you need to change the code to allow the browser to automatically download the file. This is...


Compress multiple CSS Files

April 17

If you are using multiple CSS files on a large website sometimes they can take along time to long the best way to deal with this is to compress the...


Convert Seconds to Time in PHP

April 15

Here is useful function to convert seconds to a time either years, months, days or hours.


Calculate distances in PHP

April 13

Here is a code snippet which allows you to calculate the distance between longitude and latitudes in either miles, kilometres or nautical miles.


Easily cache pages with PHP

April 13

If you are not using a CMS or a framework you may need to cache your pages to speed up the page loading times. This can easily be done in...


Speed up Page Load by reducing HTTP requests with PHP

April 11

A nice technique to speed up your page loading times is to try to reduce the amount of calls your browsers has to make to the server. This will be...


How to check if checkbox is checked using jQuery

April 1

I needed to find if a checkbox was checked in jquery but I knew of multiple ways to do this. But I wasn’t sure of the best way to perform...


Using cURL in PHP

March 11

PHP/CURL is a binding that uses libcurl. It means that the PHP team has written a glue layer for PHP that speaks to the underlying libcurl. That layer, the binding,...


Remove Whitespace and line breaks in String

March 8

In any programming language there is a simple in-built function you can use to remove whitespace from a string the main one used will be a string replace to search...