Top CSS Button Generators

October 10

Here is a list of some of the best CSS Button Generators available on the web. All of them have a nice, easy to use user interface that you can...


Automatically Replace Words With Affiliate Links

October 9

Using WordPress it allows you to add bits of extra code to change the framework by using WordPress hooks. Some of the most popular places to add hooks is before...


Converting XHTML WordPress Theme To HTML5

October 7

HTML5 is here! It's been around for awhile now and it's still isn't as widely used as I thought it would be by this time. In my earlier theme I...


Now Accepting Guest Posts

October 6

I would like to announce that I am now accepting guest posts on this blog. At this blog I always want to provide high quality content, this can be a...


Images On A Diet With JPEGmini

October 6

The speed the page loads is very important for any website, it keeps visitors on the page and improves search engine results. A good strategy to improve page loading times...

Remove WordPress Version Number

October 5

If you have been looking into WordPress security then you will notice that one of the most common solutions to help improve WordPress security is is remove the version number...


How To Always Have A Successful Website

October 4

The web is always changing there is always something new coming out that is going to change the way you run your website, change your traffic strategy or change how...


What Is HTML5?

October 3

HTML5 is the next version of HTML. This will introduce some brand new features which will make building HTML even easier. This is by introducing features which to make your...


Real Time Google Analytics

October 2

The most popular web analytics tool is most likely Google Analytics, this is because it's free and loads of in-built features which allow you to see exactly what your visitors...


Free Premium Standard Files For October 2011

October 1

It the start of a new month and with that Envato has released new files which you can get for free the same as last month. Envato is a web...