Create Your Own WordPress Rest Endpoints

January 25

As the REST API is still relatively new there might be some endpoints that don't currently exist such as getting the post archives where you would normally use the function...


MySQL Workbench To Laravel Migration

January 24

We all have our favourite database GUIs, some work with PHPMyAdmin others use tools such as MySQL Workbench. I tend to use MySQL Workbench more than any database GUI tool....

CSS Three Circle Loader

January 23

This is part of the CSS loader series that show different loaders that can be used in your application to show the user the app is processing and to please...

Get Posts Between Certain Dates WordPress REST API

January 23

When building your WordPress theme using the REST API one of the pages you might want to correct is the Post archives page that displays all the posts for a...

How To Disable Auto WordPress Responsive Images

January 21

As of 4.4 WordPress will automatically add the srcset attribute to the images in your content. The srcset attribute allows you to define different images to use at different viewport...


WordPress Shortcode To Display Logged In Author Posts

January 21

In this tutorial we're going to build a WordPress shortcode that will allow us to only show the posts of the logged in user. This is useful if you have...


CSS Three Bar Loader

January 19

This is the first post in the series of creating CSS only loaders. Loaders are used to show the user that the app is busy preforming a task and that...

Only Allow Access To REST To Logged In Users

January 17

The WordPress REST API is a very exciting feature of WordPress, it was introduced into the core in version 4.7 and is getting a lot of attention from the developers...

Installing Laravel With Homestead

January 16

To get started first we need to install Laravel. Installing Laravel There are multiple ways you can install Laravel, the easiest way you can install Laravel is by using composer....


Todo Application

January 11

Recently I've wrote about how you can best get started with Laravel and also how to get started with VueJS. Since building a Todo application is one of the best...