How To 301 Redirect With PHP

January 4

Search engines index pages by the URL of the page, if these pages are moved to a different URL then the search engines will have indexed a page that no...


How To Create Stitched Look in CSS

January 3

The current trend in web design is textures with vintage design. One of the main aspects of this design is the use of stitches in your design, this used to...


Freebies: Free Files For January 2012

December 31

Each month Paulund bring you FREE files you can download from the Envato Marketplace and the start of 2012 is no different. For the first month of 2012 you can...


Paulund Is Now On Facebook

December 30

It's been a long time coming but Paulund now has it's own Facebook page, which depending on the amount of people that join it will be the most updated page...


Fallback on Local jQuery If CDN Fails

December 29

Many big websites are now offering CDN services for things like jQuery. Google offers a few of the biggest Javascript libraries from their own CDN network. Microsoft also allows you...


Free PSD Of Super Social Icons

December 22

New freebie is a PSD from PurtyPixels of some social icons for you to use on your website. Download Dark Icons Download Circle Social Icons Download Follow Social Buttons Download


Create Pulse Effect With CSS3 Animation

December 21

In this tutorial you will learn how you can create a heartbeat pulse effect with CSS3. CSS3 gives us some added ability to CSS animation, with animation you can set...


Boilerplate CSS Media Queries

December 20

In a previous snippet you would of seen a boilerplate for iOS media queries. Below is a CSS snippet expanding the previous snippet to use media queries on other smartphones.


How To Create An Animated Scroll To Top Button With jQuery

December 20

Creating a good user experience on your website is very important to keep people on the page. The best way to create a good user experience is to make it...


Use PHP To Get The Real IP Address

December 19

If you want to record the visitors IP Address there are a few things you need to remember, computers on shared internet connections can have different IP Addresses and visitors...