How To Register A Sidebar In WordPress

February 12

In this tutorial we will learn how you can register a new Sidebar for your WordPress blog. The best part about WordPress sidebars is that you can use them to...


How To Turn On Debug Messages For WordPress

February 11

By default WordPress will turn off all debugging messages so the visitor to the site can't see any error messages showing anything wrong with the code. If you do any...


12 Annoying jQuery Functions

February 9

You will always come across websites that add some code in to try and stop you from doing things on there website, but the things they are trying to stop...


Turn On HTML5 In IE8 or Lower

February 8

HTML5 is becoming more and more popular, with this has some issues. If you want to support some of the older browsers which are still being used such as IE8...


Create A Weather Application With Google API Using PHP

February 7

As of August 2013 Google shut down it's weather API. The following tutorial will not work with the Google weather API but you can use the following code for another...


HTML5 Details Tag

February 6

In past articles I have wrote about some of the new features which have come with HTML5. We have gone over some of new features with HTML5 forms and HTML5...


Freebies: Free Files For Feburary 2012

February 1

Each month Paulund bring you FREE files you can download from the Envato Marketplace. Last month freebies brought you an nice selection of freebies from jquery animation tool, online resume...


What Makes A Premium WordPress Theme Premium?

January 30

Recently I've been doing a lot of work with WordPress, developing plugins and developing themes. I've looked into some of the top WordPress premium themes to see how they work...


Redirect WordPress Feeds To Feedburner With htaccess

January 29

In this snippet we are going to show you how you can remove one of the most popular plugins you would use on your WordPress blog. Today we are going...


How to Design a Stunning Website with Wix

January 28

With 78% of the U.S. population on the internet and a growth rate of over 150% per year, websites are becoming more important than a physical presence for many businesses...