VueJS Tag Input

August 21

In this tutorial we're going to use a VueJS component to easily add a tags input box to a form. You may use this input type in situations like creating...


MailOptin: WordPress Lead Generation and Email Automation Plugin

August 7

Building email list is very important. It is the very essence of ‘grass-root’ marketing that will pay off over a long period of time. However, one thing is sure, effective...

Designing A RESTful API Tips

July 31

Over the past year I've been doing a lot of work on creating RESTful APIs, from the experience of creating APIs I've learnt a few things that you should try...

Using Font-Awesome With Laravel

July 30

In this tutorial we're going to learn how to use Font-awesome in our Laravel projects while using webpack and mix to compile our assets to use on the front-end. Install...


Top Web Building WordPress Alternatives

July 10

If you have ever explored the available web building options, then WordPress is definitely one of the platforms you’ve come across when performing your search. But if you need to...

VueJS Laravel Pagination Component

July 4

In this tutorial we're going to build a VueJS component you can use in your Laravel 5.4 projects when dealing with pagination. A component is one of the most powerful...


.env Variables

July 4

Laravel uses dotenv to setup the configuration for your project, you can use the .env file to have different settings depending on the current environment. For example each developer might...

VueJS Markdown Editor

July 3

Markdown editors for writing are becoming a lot more popular these days, they make writing very easy you don't have to worry and styling you just write. You can quickly...


Free Files For July 2017

July 2

Each month the Envato marketplace brings you free premium files, here's the free files for July 2017. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different...

CSS Square Roller

June 23

This is part of the CSS loader series that show different loaders that can be used in your application to show the user the app is processing and to please...