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Welcome I would like to announce that I am now accepting guest posts on this blog. At this blog I always want to provide high quality content, this can be a how to tutorial or a article about web development. If you have high quality content about the web then I will be more than happy to publish it on my blog. It can be about HTML5, CSS3, Wordpress, PHP, JQuery, SEO, Web Resources or blogging. ## Requirements For Guest Post At Paulund

Here at Paulund I blog about web development, so your post will need to fall in one of the above categories to be accepted. I will only accept posts which are high quality. I will accept posts which have links in the content and will give you a link in the author bio back to your website. I will not accept posts which are advertisements or have affiliate links in the content. ## Why Guest Post?

For newbie blogger this might seem a bit alien why would I want to put my content on someone else website. The benefit of guest posting is so you can get your content out to a wider range of people. This is very important for new bloggers, if your blog doesn't have much traffic but you are writing good content then you can take advantage of a blog with a larger audience and put your content on there. The best part about that is you can then put links within the content back to your site, so you will be getting free quality links back to your site plus if people like your content they will normally click through to your site and subscribe. In the blogging world the best asset you can have is people on your email list or subscribers these are people who are going to come back again and again. ## Want To Guest Post?

If you want to submit a post to Paulund please do so by getting in touch go to the contact page and send me a email outlining what your article is about. If I like the sound of it then just send me the article and I'll publish it as soon as I can. Contact Us

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