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My First Product Has Gone On Sale At CodeCanyon

For regular readers of my blog you will know I recommend a few products from the script marketplace CodeCanyon. They are premium scripts with well documented code. I've always wanted to put some scripts up there so I finally have put up a product. There is a code moderator that needs to approve your code and documentation to make sure that they are both very high quality to go on sale. I have bought scripts from here before but didn't realise how much work is involved to get a script accepted into the marketplace. I suppose this is a good thing because it ensures that the scripts are of a high quality. I made a new tool last week which enabled you to compress multiple CSS and JS files. I found this tool very useful but thought there is a missing feature that can be extremely useful to any website. This missing feature is on page compression and caching of the compressed file.

Getting Accepted In CodeCanyon

I start working on this extra feature and decided to put it up on Codecanyon. I wrote up the documentation for the script, but it first got rejected because there was enough documentation. I already went through the whole code explain what each line of code does and how to use it correctly so wasn't too sure what else I can put in. I added more examples and output examples and clearer how to guides and sent it off. This time it was accepted and is now in the marketplace. ## JS And CSS Minifier

JS And CSS Minifier CSS and Javascript minifier is an easy to use PHP script that will combine multiple files together and compress the contents of these files. Combining multiple files together saves on HTTP requests and will therefore speed up your page loading times. Compressing the CSS and JS files will reduce the size of the files and will also speed up your page loading time. Speeding up your page loading times will make for a better experience for your users and will make it easier to be crawled by search engines. All you have to do is provide the CSS and JS files tell it how you want the output and the PHP class will do the rest. Features Improve page loading time, which leads to happier users and better SEO . Reduce file sizes. Reduce HTTP Requests. Combine multiple CSS and JS files into 1 file. On fly compression. Caches On Page Compression. Download compressed files. JS And CSS Minifier

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