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MailOptin: WordPress Lead Generation and Email Automation Plugin

Building email list is very important. It is the very essence of ‘grass-root’ marketing that will pay off over a long period of time. However, one thing is sure, effective lead building is frustrating and impossible without the right tools. Meet MailOptin, a WordPress plugin that will dramatically improve conversion rates on your websites. It does this effectively with features that changes the way visitors interact with optin campaigns and makes it very easy to collect quality leads from your websites. Unlike other alternatives, MailOptin goes a step further to ensure your email list subscribers, readers and customers are constantly engaged using its suite of event-triggered and automated emails such as new post notification and email digest with lots of other automation constantly being added.

It has enough customization options for every optin and email campaigns, including different set of optin display rules and triggers as well as variety of email automations that shows the plugin’s fullness of value. There are tons of features packed inside the plugin which are self-explanatory via a detailed description before every option, but we will like to talk about some of the features that have given MailOptin the edge over its competitors.

Highly Converting Optin Types

Besides the popular popups, sidebar and before/after post optin types, it offers others such as notification bars and slide-ins so you don’t have to rely on one way of collecting leads.

The plugin is packed with conversion optimized optin forms and email templates that can drastically boost your conversion rate. It equally has a lot of integration with the leading email marketing service providers in the world.

Email Triggers

The email triggers are very important for the new generation email link building strategy. It works by automatically sending newsletters to your preferred list. If you published a new post and want to save time and stress from creating a new post email campaign.

Optin Analytics & Lead Bank

There is a built-in analytics that track a whole lot of data, including number of impression, subscriber’s count as well as conversation rate. All of these data are neatly displayed graphically for easy understanding and interpretation. So, you will not need to look elsewhere or attempt to add any other plugin to make this possible.

There is also Lead Bank that collect and displays information about each of the lead you successfully collect such as the date and time of conversion, subscriber email, user agent and conversion page. Lead Bank combined with Optin Analytics gives you detailed information of how your optin campaigns are performing. It can help dramatically increase your conversion rate, because you can’t fail with data. The data given on those pages will help you tweak your campaigns if the need arises.

Optin Triggers

Also equipped in MailOptin is the super smart Exit intent feature designed to convert abandoning visitors and users. It works by delaying the display of your optin (often times popups) until your users attempt to exit or leave your website thereby stopping the user from leaving to see your offer or message and then make a decision that always lead to conversion.

There are really no limitations will what you can achieve with optin triggers; you can set your lightbox optin form to display after a specific period of time, or after scrolling down of your site page. There is also an option to display optin only after a visitor has visited a specific number of pages.

Other Notable Features

There are other features that nicely compliment others available at your disposal. One that particularly deserves a mention is the Page-Level Targeting that leave the options for you to strategically display optin forms on specific pages of your site or prevent the display of optins in some selected areas of your website.


There are three pricing options for MailOptin and they include: Lite: Free with limitations Standard: $99/year (All core features with license for just one site) Pro: $199/year (Full package plus priority and multisite support) You want to try the plugin before upgrading? download the lite version from WordPress repository.

Wrapping Up

I’d say like that at this point that you won’t be making a mistake if you decide to make this plugin the tool to gain mastery of your email marketing and link building journey. The fact that you have multiple optin forms and email templates that can easily be customized eradicates the needs to hire anyone or learn any bit of coding to get great results If the only thing you want to hear and experience in your email marketing and link building journey is growth, then MailOptin is a must-have plugin to get the job done without costing you an arm and a leg. - - - - - -

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