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KeyCDN Giveaway - Win a 1TB CDN Account

Enter below to win 1 of 3, 1TB CDN accounts from KeyCDN to turbocharge your website. keycdn


KeyCDN is a high-performance content delivery network provider based in Switzerland, which turbocharges websites and web applications all around the globe. They focus on making content delivery simple, fast and reliable while still being affordable for any business, developer, or website owner. They also can help you speed up software delivery, advertisements, video streaming, as well as game and app delivery. KeyCDN## What is a CDN?

A CDN, also known as a Content Delivery Network, is a network of edge servers (POPs) located around the globe which cache your content, such as images, JS, CSS, and even larger files. When someone visits your website the servers deliver your cached content lightning fast by means of their large optimized infrastructure. cdn-map The big problem with web performance today is that there is still physical distance involved when serving your content. And as websites get bigger and bigger, this slows down your content delivery. For example, say you host your website with a company in Dallas, TX. When people visit your website from areas near Dallas, your site will load super quick. The problem starts when they are located further away. Say someone in the UK visits your website. All of the sudden there is latency introduced because of the distance the data has to travel. Other factors such as multiple ISP hops and RTT delays also exist. When you use a CDN, your images, JS, and CSS would load from a copy stored on a POP in the UK, instead of Dallas. This ensures your website is lightning quick no matter where your web hosting company is located. A CDN uses what they call pull zones. A pull zone copies your content to the CDN provider’s servers automatically. This means once you implement a CDN, you don’t have to do a thing to take advantage of it. And it doesn’t matter what platform you are on, there are easy integrations for WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and other platforms using static sites such as Laravel or Ruby. Pull zones are also available, in which you do have the option to upload your large files manually via FTP. ## What Are The Benefits Of A CDN?

Below are a couple benefits you might experience when using a CDN to deliver your content. Seeing load times drop by over 50% in locations further away from your web host is quite common when you implementing a CDN. This is because a lot of the delay is initially due to latency, TTFB, and other factors. Other CDN features such as Gzip and HTTP/2 also help decrease load times. By increasing the speed of all of your pages, this can drastically help decrease your bounce rate as users will no longer be frustrated as they navigate around your site. Google loves speed, and so there is a big SEO advantage to using a CDN. Speed is even a ranking factor that Google uses to determine where your website should be positioned in SERPs. “Accelerating websites is extremely important. Faster websites mean satisfied customers. PageSpeed becomes significant for rankings.” — Matt Cutts, Google CDNs offer great security protection as they help mitigate DDoS attacks. Some CDN providers, such as KeyCDN, also offer free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt which allow you to serve your content via the new HTTP/2 protocol over HTTPs. A CDN will typically handle over 70% of the load when serving your assets. This means there is a lot less load on your web host. And because of this it is much easier to scale up and down due to traffic spikes because the CDN is doing the heavy lifting. ## KeyCDN Features

Below are the primary features that KeyCDN offers: - Pay-As-You-Go: KeyCDN doesn't have any monthly commitments or hidden charges. It is pay as you go. You can cancel at anytime.

  • Free Security: KeyCDN includes advanced CDN security features such as custom SSL and origin shield for free.
  • Pricing: KeyCDN has the lowest global price of any other CDN provider, at $0.04/GB.
  • POPS: Over 25 POPs are available to deliver your content around the globe.
  • Ahead of the Curve: KeyCDN was one of the first CDN providers to support HTTP/2 to all of its customers and free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt.
  • Strong Ties with WP Community: They maintain three WP performance plugins: Optimus Image Optimizer, [Free] WordPress Cache Enabler, and [Free] CDN Enabler.
  • Compatibility: KeyCDN has 25+ CMS integrations, so no matter what platform you are using, you can speed it up.

    You can easily be up and running in minutes. Here's your chance to give this service a go and turbocharge your website. Join the giveaway below, winners will be announced on the 1st October.

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