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Jumpstart Your Jquery Plugins

If you use jQuery you will know all about the plugins you are able to create or download to do a job. There are thousands and thousands of jQuery plugins online to do anything. I try to as much sections of code into a plugin so it can be reused over multiple projects. Creating a plugin to use with jQuery sounds difficult but it I was surprised how easy it is, it just a bit of setting up. When setting up your plugins you will find that you do that same things over and over again, these are normally creating the core functions and the namespace for your jQuery plugin. You can create yourself a template jQuery plugin file to use at the start of each plugin or better you use a jQuery plugin tool.


Starter Starter is a jQuery tool that will create the bit of code you can copy and paste and use at the start of your jQuery plugin development. All you have to do is enter in your class name, starting parameters and the default options values, click create and it will give you the template to start your plugin. Starter

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