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In a previous article I pointed out a great resource for starting your jQuery plugins.

This resource is called Starter and will allow you to pass through your parameters to your plugin and will generate the boilerplate for your jQuery plugin.


Here is a jQuery snippet for a jQuery plugin boilerplate by Stefan Gabos.

JQuery Plugin Boilerplate

// jQuery Plugin Boilerplate
// A boilerplate for jumpstarting jQuery plugins development
// version 2.0, July 8th, 2011
// by Stefan Gabos

;(function($) {

    $.pluginName = function(el, options) {

        var defaults = {
            propertyName: 'value',
            onSomeEvent: function() {}

        var plugin = this;

        plugin.settings = {}

        var init = function() {
            plugin.settings = $.extend({}, defaults, options);
            plugin.el = el;
            // code goes here

        plugin.foo_public_method = function() {
            // code goes here

        var foo_private_method = function() {
            // code goes here




How To Use The jQuery Plugin

$(document).ready(function() {

    // create a new instance of the plugin
    var myplugin = new $.pluginName($('#element'));

    // call a public method

    // get the value of a public property


Source: http://stefangabos.ro/jquery/jquery-plugin-boilerplate-oop/

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