Laravel Eloquent Builder Vs Scopes

Here we investigate using eloquent scopes and how we can refactor them into our own eloquent builder class.

Faster and Simpler Image Optimization for Wordpress

ImageEngine can kick things up a notch. ImageEngine uses WURFL device detection and globally positioned device-aware servers to get the exact context an image is accessed from.

Front-end Performance Checklist 2020

Each year Smashing magazine release an article of the best tips to help improve your frontend performance. Here they have over 80 tips on what you can do to improve your frontend performance. There's even a downloadable PDF of checklist you can use on your own projects.

Design Patterns: Simple Factory

A simple factory is an object that is used to generate an instance of an object for the client. The simplest way of understanding a factory is a object for creating other objects.

PHP 7.4 New Features

PHP 7.4 comes with a few new features that can help improve performance and make for cleaner code. Here's some of the new features that come with PHP 7.4.

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