Design Patterns: Simple Factory

A simple factory is an object that is used to generate an instance of an object for the client. The simplest way of understanding a factory is a object for creating other objects.

Running Xdebug In Docker Container

Learn how to setup phpunit xdebug in a docker container and run your PHPStorm tests using this docker container.

LetsEncrypt Certificates Failing to Renew

Learn how to upgrade LetsEncrypt to the latest certbot to renew your LetsEncrypt certificates.

Display Human Readable File Storage

Use a command to display the human readable file memory usage.

Delete All Node Module Folders

Command to recursively delete all node_module folders on your computer

Local Storage vs Session Storage vs Cookie Storage

Comparison for local, session and cookie storage

Command Line Helper Alias

This is a small command line helper to quickly lookup the options and helpers available to different commands.

Automatically Run PHPUnit Tests Before Git Push

When you're working on a project with a strong test suite you'll want to make sure that everything you push to the repository doesn't break any of the tests that you have in your project. This means...

Alias To Enable Disable xdebug

In this tutorial we're going to create a command line alias to quickly enable or disable xdebug. When you install xdebug you will need to register the extension in your php.ini file. This will need t...

My Development Setup

Like any profession a developers tools are important, they help us be more productive. When speaking to any developer you always have the tools and setup debate, what computer you use, what IDE do you...

Vagrant Up Bash Alias

Here is a quick tip to improve your workflow as a developer working with Vagrant. During my day-to-day job I use Vagrant with Homestead all the time, it allows me to quickly create a virtual environme...

Organising Your Hosts File

If you're freelancer or work for a large company you could find yourself with a large and sometimes out of control /etc/hosts file. I can have about 50 sites on there at a time, some are active and ot...

Hotlink Protection On Nginx

I recently created a WordPress plugin called Redirection Manager which will keep track of all 404s on your website and log the URL and the referrer of the link. In doing so I noticed there were quite...

Fixing Analytics Leverage Browser Caching

If you've read my previous articles you would of seen a post from last month about trying to reach the 100/100 on Google's pagespeed tool. This doesn't necessarily improve your site but it shows it's...

Attempt At Scoring 100 On Google PageSpeed

With PageSpeed being so important to Google and other search engines they have created a nice tool to judge the speed and optimization of your website by using Google PageSpeed tool. Google PageSpeed...