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I Can't Find A Place For Google+

Google Plus I've been using Google+ ever since the first week it was put out for the public (by invite only). I can easily see the benefits of using it and it's far superior than the other social network websites. The UI is nice, modern and sleek. It uses some cool HTML5 and CSS3 features which makes it awesome. The idea of circles is exactly what is wrong with Facebook so it's perfect for what you need. I can easily say that Google+ is my favourite Social Network, but for some reason I don't seem to use it and I can't quite figure out why. Maybe I'm still in the transition from removing the others to use Google+ I don't know. ## Uses Of The Social Networks

With Facebook you know how you want to use it, it's for personal use or if you have a business then you create a business account. Same with Twitter you either use it for personal or for business. But I feel that with Google+ you can use it for both. With the amount of privacy they have put in there you can use for both personal and business. This is also a downfall for me, I don't know how to use it, personal, business or both? Before I go any further I think you need to know that the social network I use the most is Twitter. ## Is It The People

I believe Google+ is still invite only I'm not sure because I don't need to sign up. But as it's invite only you need to know someone who is already on there so they are most likely to be people in the web industry. But saying that most of the people on my Twitter are in the web industry. Actually most of the people in my Google+ circles are people I already follow on Twitter. I guess I haven't had a need to go over to Google+ to view content because it's already on Twitter. But most of these people I follow on both use them differently. On twitter I know all they post is about business if I don't personal know the person and I'm following them because they are an SEO expert and share SEO content...I want to see content about SEO. But when you follow these people on Google+ they use the public setting to send personal information about where they are and pictures of there house. I don't want to see this, I want to see information about SEO. This causes my to mute a lot of posts on Google+ which I don't have to do on Twitter because I know in 10 minutes it will be gone and out of my life. But with Google+ old posts semm to bounce back to the top if someone comments or +1's it. ## Is It The Content

One of my favourite things about Google+ is that you can't auto submit things to it and I hope it always stays like this. Unlike Twitter and Facebook where you can auto update your status from outsite of the website for example from your blog, you just can't with Google+. This means that in order to submit links on Google+ you have to manually go on there and share the links. I know this means it is much more time consuming but it also means that there are no bots on there and much less spam than you get on Twitter. On Twitter there are some people that tweet over 100 times a day. That is just spam there is NO way that a person can do that and still provide value. Therefore the content on Google+ is most likely much higher quality than you get on the other social networks. Perfect just what you need. ## Why aren't I using it?

I can't answer the question why I'm not using this great social network, it has the best features of Facebook and Twitter and it's much better than both of these. I hope Google+ does catch on and I do use it much more than the others because I can see the benefits of it. But I still can't place it in my life...yet. ## How Do You Feel About Google+?

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