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How To Verify Author Ownership Of Your Content

Google have recently started to include Author Google profiles inside the Search Engine results. This feature also allows people to add you to their circles directly from the search results page. Author Information To see how this looks in the search result pages view some of these sample searches:

  • Steven Levy Google Plus
  • Google Authorship
  • Javascript Inheritance
  • Matt Cutts

    The benefits of having your author profile on the search results is that if people are familiar with your content and see your author profile within the search results they are more likely to click your article in the results. In order to get your author information in the search results page you first need a Google account. Once you have your Google profile you will need to verify authorship of the content by associating your content with your Google Profile. In this article we will go through some of the methods of how you can verify authorship for your content. ## How To Verify Ownership

    In order to verify ownership you will need to edit your Google profile and edit your webpage. The point of the verification is to have a reciprocal link between your Google profile and the content you write on the internet. If you have your own site then you can verify all the content on your site is your own, but if you write for a blog which has multiple authors then you only want to verify certain pages of content as your own. ### Verify Option 1 Link Content To Your Google Profile

    If you want to link your content to your Google account, first you will need to link to your Google profile from your content page and then place a link from your Google account back to your content. #### Linking To Your Google Profile

    According to Google there are two main ways to link back to your Google profile you can either use the Google badge or use the ?rel=author parameter in a link. If you want to create a Google badge the Google have created a nice page to make one for you. Google Badge There are two options the Google Plus Icon.
    on Google+
    The other option is to use the Google Badge. If you don't want to place the Google badge on your site then you can link to your Google profile from a link on your webpage with this.

Google Profile

#### Linking From Your Google Profile

 Now you have setup a link from your content to your Google account you need to add the reciprocal link from your Google profile to your web page. Follow the below steps to add your link on your account. 1. [Sign in to your Google profile](
2. Click **Edit profile**.
3. Click the **Contributor To** section on the right (depending on how many photos you have, you may need to scroll to see this section), and then click **Add custom link**.
4. If you want, change the visibility of your link, and then click **Save**.

 Once you have done both of these steps you then need to submit a form to Google to let them know that you are linking between your content and your Google Profile. ### Verify Option 2 - Verify Name And Email Address

 First you need to have your Author name somewhere on the page, a good place to have this on a blog would be at the top of the content where it you can state who wrote this content. Now you can place a link to your email address from this name. Using your name and email address Google can link this to your Google profile. Use the following instructions so you can link your name and email address to your Google account. 1. [Sign in to your Google profile](
2. Click **Edit profile**.
3. On the right-hand side, click the **Contributor to** box, and add all the sites you write for.
4. Next, click the **Work** box.
5. Click the **New contact info** box (the last in the list, and type the email address you use for the sites you write for.
6. In the list to the left of the email address you just added, click **Email**.
7. Click **Save**, and then click **Done editing**.
8. Repeat for every email address you want to add.
9. On your profile, click **Verify** next to the email address you just added. ![](//

  Google will send a verification mail to that email address. Once you receive it, open it and follow the instructions to verify your email address.

## Must Do

 Remember to submit your request authorship form or your author picture won't appear.

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