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How to Plan a New Website Project

Planning The Website

Website Planning When you come to create a website, planning is everything. You need to know everything about the websites before you have written a line of code. You need to know the reasons for the website, the content that is being display, the pages that are needed and the device to collect data. In this post I will go over all the things I think about when I am creating a new website so you can apply these in your next web project. As I find it helps to follow a set process so you know where you are in the project. Guidelines can help you design better websites and stop you from fogetting parts of the website. ## What Is The Website Business Goals

Business Goals- What is the purpose of making a website?

  • Reach further markets?
  • Increase profits?
  • Increase awareness?
  • More Sales?
  • Sell different products?
  • Customer networking?

    As soon as you know what the purpose of the website you can start working on what it will be like. If it will be used to sell things you know you need product pages and call to action buttons. If it's building the customer network then you need quick feedback to the customer and social media entry points. Whatever it is decide it early and stick with it. ## Website Planning

    The website should focus on the needs of the customer and not about the products or services you are trying to sell. If you can resolve the problems of the customers they will keep returning to your website, if you can resolve these problem by selling a product or service then even better you can start selling on your website. A website should be in place to make it easier for your customers to interact with you. Then you have to decide if you want to focus on existing customers or getting new customer. A good website should cater for these two equally if your existing customer are happy they will keep coming back. Plan what content is going to be displayed on your website, once you have this then you can identify what pages your website will have. ## Create A Website Map

    Create a website map this should show the process and the pages the user will visit while navigating around your website. Your call to action should be as early in the map as possible, on the first or second page. The visitor should not have to go on more than 3 pages to find any content on your site. This is why the website map can be helpful in the planning so you know the steps the user has to go to find certain information. ## Web Page Definitions

    Once you have worked out the website map you should have a good idea of the pages your site will have. Some of the most common pages are - Home Page

  • About Us
  • Services
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Maps and directions
  • The team
  • Membership area
  • Testimonials
  • News
  • Links
  • FAQ
  • Privacy policy

    Try to place your pre made content into this pages then your website pages and content is fully planed and you can move onto the design of your website.

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