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How To Always Have A Successful Website

The web is always changing there is always something new coming out that is going to change the way you run your website, change your traffic strategy or change how you create content. We also have to be careful about how the changes of the search engines will impact our website. For example with the panda update changing the search results of millions of websites and they either went out of business or had to completely change the strategy of the website. Despite the new next great tool that will change the web forever or the next great social media site that will increase traffic or the next search engine engine to stop spammers, there are always 3 little things that stay the same which will always ensure you have a successfully website.

Build A Following

Foolow Me This is a great piece of advice to always get traffic to your website. If you can build a following on any/all of the social media networking sites then whenever you post new content you can send this out to all your followers. This is why people try to get as many people as possible following them on Twitter and Facebook, they try to get as many RSS subscribers and the best solution is to build an email list. Getting followers on your Twitter or Facebook account means you are able to talk directly with your audience letting them know the news of your website. The best thing about building a following is that you are able to send them links to your website which brings in a lot of traffic. Getting people to subscribe to your RSS feed will alert them as soon as you post is published. These people will mostly be returning visitors, they want to be told every time you publish a post so they can come back. If you can build a subscribe list of 1000 people you know that at least 700 will read that post every time you publish, knowing you have this consent stream of traffic will help ensure your website is a success. In terms of business and making money the best option is to get people on an email list. If you can get their email addresses you can send them newsletters or offers to their inbox. This method still brings in the most money for all online businesses. ## Engage With Your Following

Gossip Birds I know this sounds obvious but many people just build a following but won't engage with them. When I say engage I don't mean posting a twitter update just to say we have a new post I mean actually talking to your following. Get involved in conversations, answer questions, answer comments on post. The more you talk to people the more likely they will return to website. People I talk to on Twitter even if I haven't spoke to them for awhile I might just go check their blog to see what they are up to. You need to take advantage of the traffic that social media can bring. Make it easy for people to share your content. I used to use a third party tool to share the content on my blog but they put in extra steps which I didn't want so I removed all third party apps to share things on my site and replaced with the buttons from the sites and they work much better. I have an article which goes into more detail about this submit on social media buttons. Make sure you reply to every comment on your blog, even if it's a "e;great article"e; comment still make sure you reply, this builds up a relationship with your reader and will encourage them to return. Make sure you reply to people on Social Networks, if someone sends you a message on Facebook make sure you reply. On Twitter if someone tweets your posts the least you can do is thank them. If you thank someone for tweeting they are more likely to tweet your pages again. If you have a contact form make sure that you do reply to people that get in contact with you. They have gone to your site found your contact form and sent you an email the least you can do is reply to them. ## Always Create Great Unique Content

Writing The base of any website is creating great content for your readers. The new Google panda update was created for this very reason and rewarded people with unique content. If you just copied content from another website this will be penalised in the search engines and therefore a loss of traffic. If you are constantly creating unique content which gives value to your readers they will return again and again to see what you are talking about. This strategy does not rely on the current social media trend, because it should have the same effect on any social network. People will always share good content it doesn't matter if it's on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. This strategy doesn't directly rely on the updates to the search engines, I say directly because you can never tell what they are going to do next. But if they are trying to achieve the best results for searcher the best content will always be put at the top of the list, therefore always creating quality content should always win with search engines. You always here SEO marketers talk about the new trick which can help you get to the top of the search engines, which may or may not work. But one thing you can guarantee is that the search engines will find out what this loophole and stop it, killing your SEO strategy. A much better way to spend your time would be to create content. Content is King!#### Can You Suggest Anything That Help You Achieve?

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