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The Bluehost company was founded in 2003 with one goal to make web hosting better. Bluehost wanted to create their platform on open source technology so focused on PHP and apache hosting to start with but has now moved on with the technologies and offer a wide range of hosting packages. Based in Utah USA Bluehost has now grown to have over 700 employees being one of the worlds leading web hosts. Now Bluehost offer cloud based hosting solutions allowing your website to scale with the traffic they receive. ## Key Features

Bluehost provide multiple different services from: - Domains

  • Cloud based hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • Optimised WordPress hosting
  • Optimised WooCommerce hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting


bluehost-domain If you're looking for a new domain and already hosting on Bluehost then you can use the search tool on Bluehost to search for a new domain to make sure that it's still available. Domains On Bluehost## Cloud based hosting

Cloud hosting by Bluehost starts off at $5.95 a month, cloud hosting allows your website to be more reliable and to scale when your website gets traffic spikes. Cloud hosting allows your website to be hosted from multiple locations in the world, therefore Bluehosts can provide automatic fallover to another server if there are hardware problems on one server. bluehost-faster It will allow for faster loading times as the cloud server don't have as much load on them as the shared servers. The cloud server also include an extra caching layer and a global CDN to deliver the content in the fastest time possible. Scalability is big plus with cloud hosting, if your website starts getting more traffic then before you can simply upgrade your server CPU, RAM or storage without having to worry about any server reboots. All of Bluehosts cloud hosting solutions are fully managed by their own server experts, if you ever have problems they are there to help. Any server updates or security patches that need to be installed this is something Bluehost will take care of. cloud-hosting-bluehostCloud Hosting With Bluehost## Shared hosting

Shared hosting with Bluehost is the cheapest option that they have in their packages starting at $3.95 a month. Shared hosting is the most basic hosting package you can buy and it is the type of hosting you will normally get for a new site, then wait for your site to out grow it and move to a more capable server. With shared hosting you don't pay for the server, you are paying to be one of the websites on a server. A server could have 10s, 100s, 1000s of sites on it and all the hardware needs to be shared across all of these sites. If one of these sites is attracting 1000s of visitors a day it needs a higher share the resources of the server than the other websites, therefore possibly slowing down the other sites. Sharing resources between other websites is what can overload a server if you share the server with a couple other big websites then you will see that you get less and less resources from the server. When it is overloaded your site will run slower, it will take longer to connect to the server and could potentially go offline for a couple hours. This is fine if your website is just a hobby but I would advise to switch to the cloud hosting solution when possible as the reliability is so much better than on shared hosting packages. shared-hosting-bluehostShared Hosting With Bluehost## Optimised WordPress hosting

If you have a WordPress site then Bluehost have their own optimised solution to cater for WordPress sites starting at $12.49 a month. This is based on their VPS packages but the servers have been optimised to improve WordPress security and speed to get the best out of WordPress. The package prices are best on the amount of visitors your site getting with the first package maxing out at 100 million visitors a month, which not many sites will get to, this shows the scale of traffic these WordPress servers can handle. The server uses NGINX and a custom PHP-FPM configuration to provide the quickest possible loading times for WordPress. Included in the WordPress packages you also get a subscription with ManageWP to make it easier to update your themes, plugins and core. You also get SiteLock CDN included for quicker loading times and to help boost security you also get access to SiteLock pro which scans your website for any security flaws or malware. wordpress-hosting-bluehostWordPress Hosting With Bluehost## Optimised WooCommerce hosting

Along with the optimised WordPress hosting they provide ecommerce shops access to host their site on Bluehost with a WordPress + WooCommerce package. This is an add-on to the WordPress hosting the extras you will get is an SSL certificate and a dedicated server IP address allowing you to take secure payments from your customers. With packages starting off at $13.99 a month. WooCommerce Hosting With Bluehost## VPS hosting

A virtual private server is sort of inbetween shared hosting and dedicated server. You still share the server with other websites but instead of sharing all the resources of the server your site is allocated a certain amount of the resources. This means that if other sites on the server suddenly get a traffic spike your site will not be affected as your resources will not be touched. The benefit of using a VPS is that you will always have a section of the server to use as your own and other sites will not affect how your website is handled by the server. Bluehost VPS servers start off at $14.99, the prices are based on server resources of 2 CPUs and 2GB RAM to start with. It's up to you to judge when this is enough resources for your traffic and upgrade when you need to. vps-bluehostWooCommerce Hosting With Bluehost## Dedicated server hosting

Dedicated server hosting is when you pay for an entire server to host your website, this can be very expensive, a couple of hundred dollars a month will be an average cost of dedicated hosting. But the benefits are huge, you now have full control over the server. You can decide if you need more RAM, more storage, more processing power it's up to you. You get to customise how the server works to fit your needs. Bluehost dedicated server start off at $74.99 and you can use the server as you want, you have full control over how your server works. dedicated-hosting-bluehostHosting With Bluehost

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