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Giveaway 10 CSS Notification Boxes For Free

CSS Notification Boxes I have created 10 CSS notification boxes which you can use on any website in multiple situations. This download is similiar to a download you can get from Codecanyon for $2. I am giving this away for FREE. The download includes a demo page of all the notification boxes, images for the icons and a CSS file which does all the work. The notification boxes included are: - Information

  • Success
  • Error
  • Warning
  • Tips
  • Secure
  • Message
  • Download
  • Purchasing
  • Printing

    As I said you can get the same thing from the code marketplace codecanyon, which is a very popular product on this marketplace. It is currently priced at $2 I am giving this away for FREE just click the download button below. ## How to Use

    Using Notification boxes is very simple even for beginners to HTML. 1. First download the notification package.

    1. Upload the css files and the images folder to your website. By default the images folder will need to be in the same folder as the CSS, but this can be changed by going into the CSS file and changing the image location for the icons.
    2. Add a DIV to your page with a class of an existing CSS class.
      <div class="success"></div>
    3. Add a h4 as the title and paragraph as the notification description.
      <div class="success">
      <p>Description of the notification</p>
    4. That it is you have notifications on your web page.

Click on the download link below to get the zip folder. Please leave a comment for this post, I'll also follow me on twitter to know about future giveaways Follow Me. Download

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