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Get Your Own Social Media Widgets

Social Media is a massive part of the web, but driving people to your social media accounts is one of the main problems you have. What's the point of having all these accounts on social media if your not getting anyone to see them, they just turn out to be a waste of time. A good way of marketing your social media efforts is to send people to them from your site. The way I do this is display links to my accounts on the sidebar of this blog, but I also display the amount of people following me to add social proof that I am a good person to follow on social media networks. Another way of advertising your social media accounts is to create badges for your social media accounts, this can easily be done by using the widgets that these social media provide.

Twitter Widget

Here is the Twitter profile widget it display all the public data for your profile and always displays all your latest tweets. [Get Your Twitter Widget]( Facebook Widget
Facebook also has created their own widget you can use for your profile, the widget consists of a list of people that like your page and your latest status updates. [Get Your Facebook Widget]( Google Plus Google is a relatively new social network and has not opened the API up as much as people would of liked, the benefit to this is that people have to add posts manually which creates a higher quality of posts on the social network. But for developers it's hard to get at data you want from your profile. There is an official Google badge which you get now, all you have to do is go to there website type in your profile ID and you can get your Profile badge now. [Get Your Google Plus Widget](

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