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Freebies: Free Premium Files For November 2011

November is here and again Envato have released new premium files you can get for FREE, just like last month's FREE files. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces is the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the Blog theme marketplace ThemeForest. Here is a list of of Free premium files you can get in November 2011.

Tejas - Premium HTML5 Video Player - CodeCanyon

Normal price is $5. #### Features

Tejas is built on jQuery and utilizes the very powerful ThemeRoller system for rendering its user interface. This means that changing the color scheme or images is as simple as just going to the ThemeRoller site and using the friendly GUI to change whatever you need. If you want to delve even deeper, it provides more options and flexibility so that you can create an UI you want without touching the plugin. Get Your Free Copy## XHTML/CSS Simply Template - 4 Skins - ThemeForest

Normal price is $15. #### Features

Valid XHTML Strict 1.0. Original flash gallery, completely XML driven. Home page with an alternative javascript image slide that doesn’t use flash. 7 html page models to show your contents. Php contact form with fields validation. 50+ well organized psd files are included to edit every single graphic element of the template. 4 skins. Get Your Free Copy## XML Slideshow with Ken Burns Effect - ActiveDen

Normal price is $12. #### Features

After being the best selling Ken Burns Slideshow from ActiveDen, i proudly preset you the “XML Slideshow with Ken Burns effect” reinvented in AS3 . Faster, smoother, more beautiful than ever. This is a cool image slideshow with that great pan&zoom feature that allows you to present your products in a truly awesome way! For each image you can set a custom effect, and up to two html captions. You have other features such as random or loop playing, minimalistic navigation buttons, hyperlink for each image, and much more.. It is xml driven, so you can customize almost every aspect of it without even touching the flash source files. You can also use multiple viewers in the same page. All in all..this is the perfect image viewer for your website!. Get Your Free Copy## The Brilliant beauty - Videohive

Normal price is $20. #### Features

This is universal, stylish, and easy-to-use project for you. I think a lot of writing is not necessary – just take a look at videopreview. You can see the project with another music on YouTube Project features: There is a two options of final result in project – “Long version” and “Short version” In “Long version” I used 13 placeholders, in “Short version” – 6 placeholders. Great track from here Also project for 1280×720 resolution included Get Your Free Copy## Abstract Backgrounds Pack 02 - GraphicRiver

Normal price is $3. 20 backgrounds in high quality resulotion – 2560×1600 pixels, you can use these backgrounds for your website, portfolio, desktop or anything you want. Many colors t o choose between so it will match your website, portfolio or any web graphics. Get Your Free Copy## Cinema 4d Billboard Advertising - 3DOcean

Normal price is only $12. Cinema 4d Billboard Advertising Get Your Free Copy## How To Make a Skateboard For Digital Printing - Tutorials

Normal price is $3. How To Make a Skateboard For Digital Printing If you want to learn how to create skate graphics with Illustrator CS4 techniques, then we have the tutorial for you. Learn how to create skate graphics with shapes, lines, and patterns, and mount them on a board, then prep for digital printing! Loungekat shows us how to make a skateboard design with some of the new features in Illustrator CS4 . Let’s check out this process of creating this hot vector design and how to prepare it for digital printing – the Illustrator way. Get Your Free Copy## Japanese Garden with Stone Lantern - Photodune

Normal price is $3. Japanese Garden with Stone Lantern Get Your Free Copy

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