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Freebies: Free Premium Files For December 2011

Each of the last couple of months I have features all the free files you can get from the envato marketplace. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces is the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the Blog theme marketplace ThemeForest. December is now here and Envato are giving away more free files, so why not sign up and get the last free files of 2011.

Flexible Contact Form with Admin Panel

Normal price is $5. Flexible Contact Form with Admin Panel#### Features

Best and most Flexible Contact Form available. Changing ‘Admin Username’, ‘Admin Password’ and ‘Page Title’ is disabled on the demo version. - Easy to use

  • AJAX contact form
  • Easy to Implement in your own template!
  • Powered by jQuery
  • Easy installation process!
  • Antispam Verification
  • Email Validation
  • ‘Admin’ folder can be renamed without any coding
  • No database or PHP knowledge is required
  • Flexible control via admin panel
  • Compatible with all web-browsers
  • Lots of settings to take over full control of your Form
  • Creates a session so you dont have to login when navigating elsewhere

Get Your Free Copy## Warm Night Christmas Card

Normal price is $6. Warm Night Christmas Card#### Features

Complete vector animated and sounded Christmas card with interactive ON-OFF switch. HTML page template with XML custom external music and adjustable multiline textblock with tags and URL link support. Animation centered in browser window. Fast CPU recommended. Get Your Free Copy## Angelo - Art Template - HTML

Normal price is $12. Angelo - Art Template - HTML#### Features

Angelo is a unique, classic and elegant HTML5 and CSS3 template initially inspired in the painting The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. Good for a blog, portfolio, gallery, artist, painter, designer, architect, musician, poet, writer etc. Get Your Free Copy## Distorted Logo Sting

Normal price is $12. Distorted Logo Sting#### Features

Stylish, distorted logo sting. Quick logo reveler accompanied with beautiful distortion animations. Shattering into spikes, running across the screen with digital distortion squares and old-school TV noise that was quite common before digital era. Will work beautifully as short intro for your video, tutorials, podcasts, interview, program, video series etc. No third party plugins used, however Cycore (CC) plugins that comes with After Effects should be installed. If you got missing plugins error – check your installation disc and install those. After Effects CS3 project file which is compatible with all newest versions including CS4 , CS5, CS5 .5 Get Your Free Copy## Linear Wood Texture

Normal price is $2. Linear Wood Texture#### Features

  • 3 JPG 100 % Quality (Natural, Black&White and Black Wood). - Very easy tileable. - Size: 2148×1500 Enjoy! Get Your Free Copy## 20-in-1 Stone Shaders for Cinema4D

    Normal price is $15. 20-in-1 Stone Shaders for Cinema4D#### Features

    This shaders pack contains 20 different stone types shaders. The main categories are: -Granite -Sandstone -Marble and also I included Carrara stone shader too, because it is a commonly used stone for making sculptures and busts. Each group contains several colors (white, black, grey, red, blue, yellow, orange, etc.) of the stone as you can see in preview images, and they can be used in architecture(buildings, temples, interior) or art visualization. Get Your Free Copy## Fire Flower - Video Tutorial

    Normal price is $4. Fire Flower - Video Tutorial#### Features

    A 40MINUTE VIDEO TUTORIAL, EXPLAINING HOW TO MAKE A POWERFUL AND STRONG ILLUSTRATION OF A BURNING FLOWER IN PHOTOSHOP! The video is 1200×900 resolution, so you can see everything that’s going on (preview is widescreen) clearly. Through this 40 minute video tutorial, I’ll take you from a normal photograph, to a fantastic fiery result. We’ll be using different techniques to both create flames, but also manipulate flames from photographs, using filters to keep in the flower detail, and brushes to add embers! You also get the same PSD file that I worked on in the tutorial, so you can see exactly what goes on, follow along, or make it yourself! (note: download file is slightly lower resolution) Get Your Free Copy## Green garland with Santa hat and ornaments

    Normal price is $3. Green garland with Santa hat and ornaments#### Features

    Green garland with Santa hat and ornaments on red background. Get Your Free Copy## Come back next month for more freebies

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