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Freebies: Free Files For March 2012

Each month Paulund bring you FREE files you can download from the Envato Marketplace. Last month the freebies brought to you were a CSS3 menu maker, clean HTML templates, AS3 XML tooltips, Firefly in fairytale, Fallen Galaxy video, Swamp style graphic, 3D Helicopter graphic, a fight jet vector tutorial and count money photo. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces is the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the Blog theme marketplace ThemeForest.

HTML5 Image Transitions Jquery Plugin

HTML5 Image Transitions Jquery Plugin Normal price is $7. This is a jQuery plugin consisting of 4 canvas based image transitions. These transitions will work on all major browsers supporting the “canvas” element. This includes Chrome, Safari, mobile Safari (iphone/ipad), Firefox (4 and above) Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer (9 and above). For older browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and 8 (which lack canvas support), a fallback solution is provided in the form of a “fade in/out”, so your images will still transition even if lacking the visual part. The plugin itself is just a single 5k js file with no additional styles required, usage is really simple and only minimal markup is needed to setup the transition. This plugin takes advantage of latest browser features and is able to preload the images before the transition is started. It comes with default presets but can be highly customized by uding additional options on initialization.These are fully detailed in the included help documentation. Get Your Free Copy## Prepare for Launch - Under Construction Page

Normal price is $5. ### Features

  • Countdown
  • Progress Bar
  • Ajax Email Form
  • Contact Form
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • 8 Colors
  • 16 Full layered PSD files
  • 16 Full layered PNG files (fireworks)
  • supported in all major browsers down to IE7
  • Easy Setup
  • Ajax Deeplinks
  • cufón Font Replacement
  • Email Subscription without Database
  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Campaign Monitor Integration
  • Live client side email verification during typing! User can’t submit an invalid email
  • Free Font used

Get Your Free Copy## Create Light Painted Typography in Photoshop

Normal price is $2. If you’ve ever attempted to write words using traditional light painting photography techniques you probably know how challenging it can be to create words that are easy to read. In this tutorial, author Alex Beltechi will demonstrate how you can create a similar look without a camera and tripod. Get Your Free Copy## RV Compact MP3 Player - Sound Spectrum

Normal price is $12. RV Compact MP3 Player is a minimal simple compact mp3 player with nice design, rich features and powerful built in sound spectrum visualization. The player provides a wide range of customization especially the sound spectrum. Thanks soundroll for nice music loop used in this file. See his Audio Jungle Portfolio Get Your Free Copy## Breathing Of Rhythm

AudioJungle Normal price is $14. Get Your Free Copy## Chrome Logo

Normal price is $12. EFEKT Studio present’s new Chrome logo type Template. Simple, yet efficient After Effect’s template, with fast rendering time. Specifications: * Full HD – 1920×1080 – 24fps * Background Color Adjustment * Optional Chrome option on/off * No plugins required * Instruction’s included * Audio can be downloaded here: * Rendering time at Core2Quad processor and 8GB RAM is 12 min. * It would be much appreciated if you rate this item Get Your Free Copy## Orange Ribbons #3

Normal price is $2. Vector Orange Ribbons #3 Ai, EPS and PNG files are included Text editable Get Your Free Copy## Popcorn and Kernels

Normal price is $5. This is a model of some popcorn and kernels. All items seen in the preview are included, including the materials. This model will be perfect for any scene that relates to movies, theatre or cinema. Get Your Free Copy## Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs Normal price is $3. Red Easter eggs isolated over white. Get Your Free Copy

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