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Free Premium Files For March 2013

Each month the Envato marketplace brings you free premium standard files. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces is the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the theme marketplace ThemeForest. Here are the files which you can get for free for March 2013.

FAQ Manager (Standalone or integrate to Wordpress)

FAQ Manager (Standalone or integrate to Wordpress) 53 purchases at the price of $12. A simple PHP FAQ Manager script is designed to allow you to quickly add and manage a collection of frequently asked questions which can be displayed on your website or used in wordpress. It includes a Wordpress plugin for easy integration, and instructions for using it with any other PHP Website. - WordPress Plugin included to place on a page in Wordpress (but can go on any PHP website too!)

  • PHP code examples for including into other custom PHP solutions
  • PHP based templates like Wordpress – no confusing template system to learn
  • 3 display modes: Accordion, Single-page using anchors, or multi-page (one page per question)
  • Category Hierarchy – Add an unlimited depth of sub-categories
  • Add an unlimited number of questions
  • Easy to use Admin Control Panel – Add, edit and re-order categories and questions with ease
  • Drag & Drop reordering of categories and questions
  • Installation and wordpress plugin and website integration instructions

Get It Free Now ## KLASS - Creative One Page Portfolio

KLASS - Creative One Page Portfolio 68 purchases at the price of $13. - Full JQuery Powered

  • Skitter Slider
  • HTML Version
  • Vertical Scrolling
  • Custom 680 Grid System
  • Woking Ajax / PHP Form
  • Animated Portfolio Item
  • Colorbox JQuery Plugin
  • Animated Article View
  • Well commented
  • Cufon YUI
  • Home .PSD File

Get It Free Now## Sudoku Solver

Sudoku Solver 13 purchases at the price of $5. This file is everything you’ll ever need if you wish to solve a Sudoku puzzle! The file functions quite easily: simply fill in a Sudoku start state, and then press the Solve button to have the algorithm solve it. When it is done (as far as it can) it will probably present you with a fully filled Sudoku. It might, however tell you it can’t solve it purely by logics. This usually means the start state you gave it didn’t provide enough information, and there were multiple solutions possible – the solver (both man and machine) would have to guess a number instead of being able to derive it forms logics. Then, you will be asked if you want to use a search algorithm to still obtain an answer. The search algorithm is quite a nice piece of AI, using various heuristics to keep the search duration to a minimum. It often finds a valid solution within seconds, to even the most difficult sudoku’s! Included in the preview are a couple example Sudoku’s, so you can see the algorithms in action! Get It Free Now## Night Walk

AudioJungle 15 purchases at the price of $14. Night Walk – A smooth, relaxed and emotional ambient / chill out tune for all kind of media – Use it on websites, games, presentation, your portfolio or showreel, or movie, podcasts, etc.) Get It Free Now## Glass Project

Glass Project 20 purchases at the price of $20. - 1920×1080; 25fps

  • Cinema 4d R12
  • AE CS5,CS5.5
  • Dynamics system need
  • The audio used in the example is “Epic Hip Hop outro” which is available for purchase here
  • No Requires Plugins
  • The font is free here

Get It Free Now## Urban Shift Action

Urban Shift Action 244 purchases at the price of $4. - Nice elegant action to make an urban film look.

  • Gives a nice soft cross-processing touch to your images.
  • Looks beautiful in architecture photography
  • Very easy to use, but a Help file is included.

Get It Free Now## iPad

iPad 17 purchases at the price of $15. This is a very accurate model of the iPad. Each and every detail has been noted down and has been implemented into the 3D model. The curvature of the back, which is indeed a difficult task to recreate has been achieved perfectly and even the texturing of it has been done perfectly. Despite the high amount of detail and work put in this model, it is still structured and kept as simple as for every one to understand it. All parts of this model have been modelled separately to achieve as much realism as possible. Furthermore each and every detail of the real product has been noticed and has been turned over into the real model e.g. the body has been assigned the porous and matte metal material whereas its edges have been assigned a shiny material which makes it so photorealistic. Conversion into the non 3G version (without the black part on the top) is possible as well. Both versions look great. There are even two maps included in the package which make it easier to locate different objects and parts of the model as well as the exact material assignment. The formats included in this package are: .c4d; .3ds; .obj; .fbx (however, unfortunately, in these versions you will have to assign the materials yourself since the model has been modelled in Cinema 4D only.) Get It Free Now## Profit

Profit 0 purchases at the price of $5. Get It Free Now

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