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Free Premium Files For June 2012

Again in June the Envato marketplace has more free premium standard files for you to download. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces is the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the Blog theme marketplace ThemeForest. Here are the files which you can get for free this month.

Easy & Quick Browser Detection

Easy & Quick Browser Detection 57 sales at the normal price of $3, but you can get it for free. - Detects all the modern browsers

  • Supports – ‘ie’, ‘firefox’, ‘chrome’, ‘safari’, ‘webkit’, ‘opera’, ‘netscape’,’konqueror’, ‘gecko’ and ‘flock’
  • Detect Version number.
  • Zero Configuration – No Installation hassles
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Well Documented.
  • Many Examples included.
  • IE6 Notification – Use it the way you like
  • Uses standard PHP – No additional extension support needed.
  • Detection – Minimum 2 Line of Code.
  • Very Flexible – You can specify your custom detection routine.
  • Extendible Browsers List.
  • Ease of Integration.
  • Highly Readable Code.
  • Self Explanatory.
  • Fully OOP based – PHP 5
  • Ease to Test – Builtin Support for Testing.

Get Your Free Copy## +PLUS HTML Theme

+PLUS HTML Theme 24 sales at the normal price of $15, but you can get it for free. 1.) Including 7 PSD layout files: Home, About us, Services, Clients, Blog, Single-Blog-Post, Contact 2.) Includes single elements as PSD file like buttons, picture frames…etc. 3.) Using the 960 grid system with 12 columns 4.) Organized PSD files. The PSD files are seperated into 4 main areas: Header, Content, Newsletter, Footer. Within this folders you will find sub-folders containing all layers that let you edit everything you want. Get Your Free Copy## Above the Clouds

AudioJungle 3 sales at the normal price of $14, but you can get it for free. “Above the Clouds” is a soft and emotionally moving solo piano piece. Written to slowly gain momentum and evolve, this piece is surely a great addition to any production that requires quiet, serene, and inspirational background music. Get Your Free Copy## Pack of 30 Creative Preloader Animations

Flash - Pack of 30 Creative Preloader Animations | ActiveDen 20 sales at the normal price of $8, but you can get it for free. Are you bored with that old looking preloader animation? 30 creative preloader animations. It will suit all your needs for all kinds of projects just use them with your prefered code and you are ready to go with brand new and original looking preloader. You can use these animated objects also as call to actions. All these animations are animated in timeline and fully vector, so you can scale it up or scale it dawn. You can also change there colors just by “tinting”. Boost up your projects creative look with these original preloader animations. Get Your Free Copy## Futuristic Art Gallery

Futuristic Art Gallery 7 sales at the normal price of $15, but you can get it for free. Expose your work/products on clean futuristic 3D environment – Futuristic Art Gallery. Find inside 2 projects with two variations each. Designed on AE CS3 1280×720, compatible with CS4 and CS5 . Video Help File included – 1280×720px with detailed instruction. Up to 11 media holders. Change easy background color of text. No plugin needed. Get Your Free Copy## Robotic Creation Kit - Be a Mechanic

Robotic Creation Kit - Be a Mechanic 169 sales at the normal price of $5, but you can get it for free. Just when you think you want to create even more monsters and characters then my last Creation Kit, we create a new one! But this time we´re turning everyone into a mechanic. With over 35 parts you can create your own Robot ! These robots are unique, stylish, clean and will definitely look awesome on any design you´re creating! What about a new fresh mascot? Or maybe as a logo for your Robotic Engineering company? Use them for anything you like. I personally am using them for my background. They´re easy to make! It´s also possible to alter every color, detail on all parts! So that they will even look more unique then they´re already are. And, we will be trying to update this file as much as possible with your help! So reply with items you would like to see, and we will add them as a update! Get Your Free Copy## Natural Stone Textures

Natural Stone Textures 4 sales at the normal price of $1, but you can get it for free. Tile-able Stone Backgrounds. Seamless Textures pack with round pebble stones. Hi-Res. For 3D, games, web design, print, etc. Get Your Free Copy## Creating Artwork For An Epic Metal Album

Creating Artwork For An Epic Metal Album 10 sales at the normal price of $3, but you can get it for free. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create artwork for heavy metal bands. The tutorial takes a broad approach. Creating artworks for bands is a challenge and always a great experience. You get to work with other creatives, who express their imaginations in another way than designers do. It’s very important to translate the musical feel and message into a visual statement. Most of the bands that work with me are still unsigned, but the circumstance is the same. Today it’s getting more and more significant to work on an audio/visual base, combining all possible forms of expressions. In this tutorial, I show you the steps for creating a typical metal album artwork. It was not a real commission and there has been no actual brief, but I hope it can explain some small tricks I use. Compared to other tutorials it’s not actually meant to be 100% reproducible, but to give you a glimpse into the different techniques I use to make smooth photo-composing from scratch. Get Your Free Copy## The sea Water 1

The sea Water 1 Normal price of $3, but you can get it for free. Get Your Free Copy

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