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Free Premium Files For February 2013

Each month the Envato marketplace brings you free premium standard files. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces is the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the theme marketplace ThemeForest. Here are the files which you can get for free for February 2013.

jQuery TimelineXML

jQuery TimelineXML 309 purchases at the price of $8. TimelineXML is the perfect addition to your blog, magazine, news site, portfolio, you name it. The script takes time-stamped pieces of content and puts them on a timeline. The best thing about TimelineXML is how flexible it is. Here’s a list of what it can do: - places the event on the timeline very accurately – up to the day!

  • decides whether to show every month, every second month, etc., or whether to show months at all
  • supports timespans from one year up to thousands, even millions of years.
  • supports pre-modern dates – 1000 BC, 50 000 BC, etc.
  • accepts content either as an XML file, or as HTML code
  • can work with any XML file – you can specify what’s the tag name for the title, for the content, etc.
  • sorts the events based on their date – you don’t have to enter them chronologically
  • prevents overlapping of near events
  • decides how long the timespan needs to be
  • flexible width
  • very customizable – both in functionality and style
  • comes with four unique designs: basic, modern, dark and sleek.

Get It Free Now## Full moon - HTML Template

Full moon - HTML Template 82 purchases at the price of $15. - Query slider

Get It Free Now## YouTube/Video Sliding Hotspot Mapper AS3 OOP

YouTube/Video Sliding Hotspot Mapper AS3 OOP 20 purchases at the price of $20. You’re witnessing the birth of an evolution! Yes, it’s the second generation of our Sliding Hotspot Mapper, now with YouTube and local video capabilities! Infused with accuracy at a pixel level, the Video Sliding Hotspot Mapper features great customization capabilities and fulfills the demanding requirements of modern web design trends, while permitting seamless integration with your current design for a smart addition to your website’s visual interface. Use the Video Sliding Hotspot Mapper as a unique, original, and creative means of capturing the attention of your website’s visitors towards several details that exist on an image of your choice. The Video Sliding Hotspot Mapper application offers you design flexibility for an easier and more aesthetically pleasing user experience. No matter if you’re using a small or very large image, no matter if the available space where you intend to display the image is tiny or you have a fullscreen browser window, you don’t have to worry about those details. The Video Sliding Hotspot Mapper is here to help you out. You can even use multiple instances of the Video Sliding Hotspot Mapper application embedded into the same HTML page, each showing its own image, with its own, specific hotspots. The only limit is your imagination. Finding out the needed hotspots location is a breeze. Each hotspot can easily be placed over the image with pixel-perfect accuracy thanks to the additional “Locator” Application, which allows you to find out and automatically copy the location (X and Y coordinates) of each point of interest on your image, so you can then simply paste the copied code into the specific XML hotspot attribute. Get It Free Now## Soft Keys

AudioJungle A smooth and breezy R&B backing track. Instrumental includes piano, guitar, a smooth beat and synths. Perfect for creating applications requiring a carefree and light mood. Slow fade at ending. Get It Free Now## Dark Extrusion

Dark Extrusion 40 purchases at the price of $12. - AE cs4 project / FHD /30fps /16 second long

  • no 3-rd plugins request
  • easy change light color
  • audio is not include It made by a great AJ author kristijanf
  • font by yourself if you want the font in project download here:
  • 100% edit in AE and easy to change color and anything you want

Get It Free Now## Hosting Price Tables

Hosting Price Tables 43 purchases at the price of $5. All designs are made it with vector shapes and type layes. You can easy edit to customize size, colors and gradients… Get It Free Now## Opened Magazine / Book

Opened Magazine / Book 39 purchases at the price of $5. It is 3D model of open Magazine created in Cinema 4D. New updated version include low poly and highpoly 3d magazine model. Get It Free Now## Stone Heart

Stone Heart Get It Free Now

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