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Free Files For January 2016

Each month the Envato marketplace brings you free premium files, here's the first free files for January 2016. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces are the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the theme marketplace ThemeForest. Here are the files which you can get for free for January 2016.

Passworx Password Locker

Passworx Password Locker 66 purchases at the price of $16. Easy to get started and use, Passworx is a simple, easy to use, web-based Password Management application written in PHP/MySQLi & jQuery. These days you need to remember way to many passwords. Passworx offers a web based system with one account/password to remember to access all of your Accounts/Passwords. You can add all of your passwords into a single user account, which is locked with a master password. So you only have to remember a single password to unlock the all of your password entries. Passworx is designed to assist in creating a password management website where unlimited users can join and store their passwords. Download For Free## Buna - Your Next Agency/Portfolio Template

Buna - Your Next Agency/Portfolio Template 10 purchases at the price of $12. Buna is a modern and unique portfolio template designed for professionals and freelancers who’s looking for a theme which can be used for a Agency, Creative, and Personal Portfolio or Photography websites and much more. It’s easy to customize this template for your purpose. Buna template has everything you need to start your next unique Portfolio website! PSD files are fully layered and simply customizable, all elements are in Groups and can easily identify by the group name as well. Download For Free## Call-To-Action Buttons Vol.II

43 purchases at the price of $5. - All elements are vector shapes and fully editable.

  • All layers are organized in groups.
  • Used fonts:Geared slab, Notica Text, 20-db, Chunkfive, Bebas,Bebas neue, Bitter, Lobster 1.3, Courgette, Bender, Open sans, Bree serif, Lobster Two, Gabriola, Josefin slab, Georgia.

Download For Free## Film Credits

Film Credits 184 purchases at the price of $17. This is a versatile template that gives you a variety of ways to create your film credits. These are slot based, meaning credits are controlled by slots, which gives you more control over rearranging, shortening, or lengthening your credits. You can also control the speed of your credit rolls, colors of the flare, reflection, media, and background. These credits consist of an alpha background, which means you can drag and drop these on just about anything and the effects will still apply. Download For Free## Technology Corporation Background

AudioJungle 117 purchases at the price of $19. Simple intelligent electronic track. Perfect for any IT, Tech, Innovation project, also good for “voice over music”. Also contain looped audio (not included in preview) Download For Free## Flash Site Template XML with FlipBook v15

88 purchases at the price of $43. - Choose template start page

  • Change all colors in xml files.
  • Create 2 levels of menu in the XML: menu item, menu sub-item
  • Hide selected menu elements ( attributes visible=false in menuPrimary.xml )
  • Deep linking – use possibility of redirecting to the any subpage (swfAdress.js)
  • Add logo and logo redirect
  • Add redirect for menu position
  • Full screen on/off ( button and right key mouse)
  • Place background for every menu element individually (you can place background default) in xml file
  • Add unlimited modules
  • Add unlimited mp3 in xml file
  • Add new modules
  • Load SWF file
  • Add purchased modules from Activeden

Download For Free## Phases of the Moon

2 purchases at the price of $5. The phases of the moon throughout the lunar month. Download For Free [paulund_display_download_box id="12564" /]

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