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FREE CSS3 Social Button Framework

Zocial CSS3 Button In previous article I shown some of best CSS button generators on the web, but these are just a starting point. If you want a framework to build on Zocial is a button CSS framework to create Social Media buttons. Zocial is a CSS3 framework for creating social media buttons. You can find the CSS only version (no Sass) and the full font set at This project comes with a free subset of that font set: Download this framework and it will give you easy access to create buttons for the following social media networks: - Twitter

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • GitHub
  • RSS
  • Smashing Magazine

    If you would like to add to this selection of media button use the last buttons as a template to easily create your own. Zocial is currently available from GutHub for FREE download. Zocial

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