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Here at Paulund I like to write web design and development tutorials to help people of all levels learn a bit more about the web. I like to write tutorials mainly about Wordpress, CSS3 and HTML5. I do write the odd article about PHP development and best practices. I also try to share all the code snippets which I find during my day-to-day work as a web developer. As you are here on Paulund I assume that you are interested in learning more about web development. People learn in different ways, some by doing, some by reading, some by watching. In my tutorials I tend to write in a way that you can try the code as you are reading the tutorial. But some people prefer to watch a video of how to do a certain task so they can copy exactly what the video is doing. I don't do any video tutorials as I prefer the writing side of tutorials so I can take my time to make sure that it's right. Treehouse are a company that are providing web development tutorial videos for people of all different skill levels. With Treehouse you can learn how to build websites, create iPhone and Android apps, code with Ruby on Rails and PHP, or start your own business. Normally you would have to pay $49 a month to have access to these videos but for a limited time only you can sign up for a FREE trail. Using the link below you will be able to sign up to Treehouse with your first month absolutely free. Free First Month With Treehouse This free month includes

Unlimited access to more than 950 videos

Treehouse shows you exactly how to build your big idea for the web, or for mobile devices. Short, laser focused videos let you learn exactly what you need, right when you need it and new videos are added every week!. ### Watch from anywhere

The complete Treehouse library is available from your computer, your tablet, or your phone! Stream them from anywhere with an internet connection, or download them to learn on the go. There are no viewing or download limits. ### Learn by doing

Our extensive video library is just the beginning. Take quizzes and code challenges to put your new skills to the test and earn badges, giving you the hands-on experience to start applying your new skills right away (so you’re ready to put them to work in the real world). ### You'll love it, guaranteed

Treehouse shows you exactly how to build your big idea for the web, or for mobile devices. Short, laser focused videos let you learn exactly what you need, right when you need it (and new videos are added every week!) Learn Coding & Web Design at Treehouse## What Can You Learn At Treehouse?

Build a Website

You'll learn the basics to building a website with an introduction to text editors, basic HTML tags, and advanced HTML skills. ### Start a Business

Find out how to get your business off the right foot. Topics include corporate structure, marketing, finance, and more! ### Learn to Code

Learn technologies such as Ruby on Rails to help you build the next world changing product. ### Build an iPhone App

If you want to learn how to build iPhone or iPad apps, this is the spot. You'll learn the language, tools, and necessary concepts to get your app out the door. ### Build an Android App

You'll see exactly how to build a finished Android app with touch & motion. You'll also learn the Java language and Android SDK. Free First Month With Treehouse

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