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Firefox One of the hardest things about front-end web development is to make sure that the website looks the same in any browser that the visitor wants to use. This means that you need to do your testing in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc...but just testing the website in the latest versions of the browser isn't good enough. You need to go back through all the previous versions and test you website. This is mainly a problem for supporting the old IE browsers, you end up having to hack about your CSS to get it to work in all versions of IE. I've previously wrote a tutorial about how to support older browsers of IE. All of the main problems in CSSS are with IE, but there maybe times when you have to support the older versions of Firefox, here is a small CSS snippet to make changes to just your visitors from Firefox browsers. ## Older Versions Of Firefox (3 and lower)

html>/**/body .div{

Any Firefox Browser

@-moz-document url-prefix() {

Adding the above will only change for Firefox users.

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