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drizzle About Drizzle If you’re a full-time blogger or publisher and not happy with monetizing your content using intrusive banner ads, you may want to consider paid subscriptions and micropayments. Drizzle is a simple and free tool for professional bloggers and publishers to charge for their premium content. Drizzle allows you to paywall any type of content, including text, images, videos, links or any other HTML element. Unlike ads, you don’t need to compromise your website’s user experience to monetize content with Drizzle— the paywall’s interface is lightweight and your website visitors can start purchasing your content with just two clicks. Drizzle can also be used for lead generation, since you can access the name, email and purchase history of all your users.

Drizzle recently launched a WordPress plugin which allows you to paywall content with a simple shortcode: [paywall] your content [/paywall].


If you create original content and you’re serious about direct monetization of your content, then keep reading to learn about Drizzle’s key features. Here’s a demo and some real life examples of Drizzle’s paywall usage: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3.

If you’re eager to learn about content monetization, read Drizzle’s blog. The blog compares different content monetization strategies.

Key features Seamless experience. Your website visitors are only two clicks away from purchasing your content. Users who are already part of Drizzle (those who registered on other websites) are only one click away. Drizzle’s pay-as-you-go feature is a game changer. Not all of your visitors are heavy users. Most data shows that over 90% are light users (consuming only a few pieces of content per month) and are not ready to pay for a full monthly or annual subscription. Drizzle surveyed 338 US visitors of news websites, and found that over 84% would prefer a pay-as-you-go option:


One-click purchasing and light-weight UI. Unlike banner ads, Drizzle’s paywall is non-intrusive, minimalistic, does not slow down page load, and is not hoarding visitors private data. With just one or at most two clicks, your website visitors have freedom to purchase a single piece of content (aka “pay-as-you-go”) or subscribe to a monthly plan for access to all content behind paywalls on your website.


The typical flow for a new user looks like this: the website visitor is intrigued by the title and description of your paywalled content and decides to purchase it. The visitor clicks the “Pay” button and is prompted to register on Drizzle’s signup page via Facebook. The user clicks the “Pay” button again, and the original content is shown to the user. The existing Drizzle user is just one click away from purchasing content on your website.

Dynamic paywall. For the best user experience, Drizzle strongly suggests to paywall only your most original content. Typical premium content includes original articles, tutorials and DIY guides, HD images, educational videos, podcasts and more. At first, you should make an educated guess on whether content is premium, then paywall it and optionally set up a performance threshold. Drizzle monitors the performance of paywalled content by calculating the total amount of $ generated per 1000 views. If your performance threshold is $2.0 per 1000 views but your content performs at $1.5, that specific content will be vetted as non-premium and the paywall will be automatically removed. This paywall filter improves your users’ experience and trust in the quality of your content.

Dynamic pricing. With Drizzle, you don’t need to guess the right price for your content. All newly paywalled content earns you $0.20 by default. As website visitors interact with your paywalled content, Drizzle monitors the content’s popularity based on the number of people who purchased, recommended and shared the content with their friends. The price is then dynamically adjusted such that more popular content gets a higher price tag (price tiers are $0.20, $0.40 and $0.80). Ultimately, the price is adjusted to maximize your revenue.

Simple analytics. You get simple month-by-month analytics, which help you identify your most popular and highest-performing content. The analytics also let you compare how much you make via micropayments vs. paid subscriptions.

Lead generation. You retain all user data gathered on your website. For all users who have registered on your website and/or purchased your content, you can access and export their data, such as name, email address and purchase history.

Smart upselling. As mentioned above, Drizzle calculates the performance and popularity of your content. Your most popular content is conveniently suggested to your users.


If your content’s popularity reaches the top 100 on Drizzle, the content will be suggested to all Drizzle users (even those who never visited your website). Drizzle also suggests similar content to users based on their purchasing behavior.

To learn more, check up Drizzle’s knowledge base or shoot an email to

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