Default Scripts To Use In WordPress Development

in Plugin Development

There are a number of different default stylesheets and Javascript files which comes with your core WordPress install. These can be used at any time in your WordPress plugin or theme development, all you have to do is call wp_enqueue_style() or wp_enqueue_script() whenever you want to use these default styles or scripts.

The default scripts are:

Script Name Handle Needed Dependency *
Image Cropper Image cropper (not used in core, see jcrop)
Jcrop Image copper
SWFObject swfobject
SWFUpload swfupload
SWFUpload Degrade swfupload-degrade
SWFUpload Queue swfupload-queue
SWFUpload Handlers swfupload-handlers
jQuery jquery json2 (for AJAX calls)
jQuery Form jquery-form jquery
jQuery Color jquery-color jquery
jQuery UI Core jquery-ui-core (Att.: This is not the whole core incl. all core plugins. Just the base core.) jquery
jQuery UI Widget jquery-ui-widget jquery
jQuery UI Mouse jquery-ui-mouse jquery
jQuery UI Accordion jquery-ui-accordion jquery
jQuery UI Autocomplete jquery-ui-autocomplete jquery
jQuery UI Slider jquery-ui-slider jquery
jQuery UI Tabs jquery-ui-tabs jquery
jQuery UI Sortable jquery-ui-sortable jquery
jQuery UI Draggable jquery-ui-draggable jquery
jQuery UI Droppable jquery-ui-droppable jquery
jQuery UI Selectable jquery-ui-selectable jquery
jQuery UI Datepicker jquery-ui-datepicker jquery
jQuery UI Resizable jquery-ui-resizable jquery
jQuery UI Dialog jquery-ui-dialog jquery
jQuery UI Button jquery-ui-button jquery
jQuery Schedule schedule jquery
jQuery Suggest suggest jquery
ThickBox thickbox
jQuery Hotkeys jquery-hotkeys jquery
Simple AJAX Code-Kit sack
QuickTags quicktags
Farbtastic (color picker) farbtastic jquery
ColorPicker (deprecated) colorpicker jquery
Tiny MCE tiny_mce
Autosave autosave
WordPress AJAX Response wp-ajax-response
List Manipulation wp-lists
WP Common common
WP Editor editor
WP Editor Functions editor-functions
AJAX Cat ajaxcat
Admin Categories admin-categories
Admin Tags admin-tags
Admin custom fields admin-custom-fields
Password Strength Meter password-strength-meter
Admin Comments admin-comments
Admin Users admin-users
Admin Forms admin-forms
XFN xfn
Upload upload
PostBox postbox
Slug slug
Post post
Page page
Link link
Comment comment
Threaded Comments comment-reply
Admin Gallery admin-gallery
Media Upload media-upload
Admin widgets admin-widgets
Word Count word-count
Theme Preview theme-preview
JSON for JS json2
Plupload plupload

Using Default Scripts

To use the default scripts all you have to do is use the function wp_enqueue_script() with the handle you want to call and any dependencies needed.

The below code snippet can be used to load the jQuery UI Javascript on the page.

function load_jquery_ui() {
add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'load_jquery_ui');

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