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Creating A Successful Coming Soon Page

## What To Expect From A Coming Soon Page

When you first purchase a domain for your next web project, most of the time you haven't created the web page so what do you do with the web site until your pages are ready to be launched. 1. You can do nothing and just have a blank domain

  1. Use it as a parked domain to try to earn income from keywords

  2. Create a single page to be indexed from the search engines.

    These are the most common things to do with new domains, the best approach to take for your new project will be to create a single page so that your website can start getting on the radar of the search engines. This is known as a coming soon page, this allows you to create a single page which can be used to drum up interest into your project. ## What Do You Need From A Coming Soon Page

  3. Information on there to tell you visitors what to expect when the website is launched.

  4. When they can expect the website to be launched.

  5. Information on your social media account to keep the visitor updated.

  6. An email subscription form.

  7. Any other contact information.

## Tell Them What To Expect

When a visitor comes to your page they should instantly get a good idea of what your website is about. This should be a short paragraph to explain everything about the site. Having this explaining paragraph is intended to invite visitors to signup for updates or follow on social networking sites. Explaining what the website does also gives the added benefit of places keywords on the page so that the search engines can identify this website to use these keywords. Calendar## When The Website Is Going To Be Launched

Having a countdown or a date for when the website is launched will let the visitors know when it is available, which should allow them to come back and use the features available as soon as it is ready creating a popular release. Facebook## Keep The Visitor Updated With Social Networking

If you have social networking account such as Twitter or Facebook and you have followers you must remember to use them. I know it sounds obvious but you have to keep the visitor updated on the progress of your website, if they are interested enough to follow you they want to know the progress of the site. Don't lie if the project runs over the deadline, don't try to hide anything from your visitors. If it going to be delayed let them know your are delaying the website and the reason why. If a visitor signs up with as an email subscribers then it is very important that you keep these updated. It is a fact that email subscribers are the most engaging visitors a website can have. You should keep these updated at least once a week and try to keep their interest up. SEO Graphs## Remember SEO For Your Coming Soon Page

Just because it's a coming soon page doesn't mean that you can ignore the fact of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Use keywords, descriptions, headers, paragraphs, use it to start your SEO campaign, getting in early with SEO will make it easier for your website to be indexed when it is released. Try to create some curiosity for your website and something that people can link to. If you already have a website create links to your coming soon page, comment on blogs about your new site, write on forums submitting your link, use it to get the word out there and therefore increasing your visitors. ## Design Of Your Coming Soon Page

Your coming soon page is the first impression of your website to the public, it is important to display this website in a professional manner. You don't have to spend days on the design of your page because this will be better off spending time on your website but you need to make it look interesting and professional. Create an interesting page will attract visitors in the web community, there are even websites which display great looking coming soon pages. If it has a great design your web page could feature on these sites which will bring more visitors to your site an example of the showcase of coming soon pages are below. 1. 27 Cool Coming Soon Pages

  1. 25 Best Coming Soon Pages
  2. Coming Soon Gallery

Build Your Own Coming Soon Page

Since writing this article I have also wrote a tutorial about how to create a coming soon page in PHP and will teach you two methods of capturing email addresses for your mailing list. 1. Email you the visitors email address for manually storing of the email list.

  1. Storing the email addresses in a MySQL database for later use.

    Go Here to Learn How To Create A Coming Soon Page In PHP and Ajax.

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