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Create A Facebook Like Box Guest Post WPTuts

I've created a few free Wordpress plugins which are available from, my most popular plugin on is the Facebook like box widget. This plugin will add a widget to your Wordpress site which makes it very easy to add a Facebook like box to a sidebar on your blog. Once you install this plugin all you have to do is go to your widget dashboard page, drag the widget to a sidebar, now you can add your settings from the your Facebook app.

- Widget Title - Facebook App Id - Facebook Page URL - Width for the Facebook Like Box - Dislay Fan Faces - Display Your Facebook Stream - Display Facebook Header As this plugin was popular on the plugin repository I decided to create a tutorial to teach people how to create this plugin. I wrote a tutorial for [WPTuts]( "WPTuts") which teaches you how to create your own Facebook Like Box Wordpress widget. If you would like to learn how to create your own **Facebook Like Box Widget** read the tutorial on WPTuts. [Facebook Like Box Widget Tutorial]( If you would like to download the Facebook Like Box Widget you can download it from the Wordpress repository. [Download Facebook Like Box Widget](

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